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Book Review: A Thousand Pieces Of You By Claudia Gray (Firebird #1)

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on December 26, 2014

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I got this book partly due to its cover. It’s one of the most beautifully designed cover I’ve seen in a while and it intrigued me. I also saw the book’s synopsis and I guess, with a couple of reviews from the internet, it made me want to buy it. It took me a while to finish this because of the hazards of having a job and not getting a good time to read. Although I’m partly to blame because I also play videogames to get my mind off things, specially after a hard day at the office. But still, I really could’ve finished this like two weeks ago.

Now why am I so insistent on the possibility of finishing this book earlier? Well, the book’s pretty interesting overall. It’s downright ambitious for an author to write about a love story while wrapping it all up in dimensional/parallel universe leaping. You may think other books have done the same thing and perhaps they have but as far as my book collection is concerned, this is one of those innovative stories I’m glad I read while it was “just out”.

What I liked about the book:

The character development. Character development was decent. In fact, the author can write about a side-character and you would miss them the moment you realize you wouldn’t read about them again. And this would happen quite a lot if the series would continue with the way it told the story in this book.

Settings and descriptions. Unlike many authors who give too much time into describing, into the most vivid and intricate detail, a place or something as dull as a royal bed, this one just gives the reader the bare necessities and lets them imagine for themselves the rest of the place. The author doesn’t deprive the reader of the detail as much as she would rather not choke them with it.

The Plot. The book may have been a bit predictable (at the start, I already had my suspicions on what the big picture looks like and I was partly right) but that doesn’t take away the reader’s interest in the plot. The plot itself would seem a bit too complex and intimidating to write about but the author seemed to have outdone herself with this book. She manages to convince the reader that the fiction in her book might be reasonably attainable.

What I didn’t like about the book:

The pace. I’m not the type to hurry myself into finishing a book but I’m almost sure there were a few chapters that simply dragged the readers towards the next one. That or it’s because I’m not a fan of chick-lits and I was too stressed to realize I was reading one. Well, it’s not an ordinary chick-lit for sure but I’ve a habit of shunning away from that genre.

The ending. I will spoil you right now so skip this part if you don’t want to read it. I felt that the rest of the story was rushed just so we can get to the ending quicker. I can even assume that the author got bored right after the Russia arc and just skipped her way through the rest of the book. The climax had an effect (SPOILER: dead dad is not dead and a revelation) but it could have been so much more if the author maybe spent two or three more chapters in the Ocean arc. After the Russia arc, the Ocean arc seemed to be interesting enough to pick up on. I can imagine the multitude of fanfiction about the different arcs in this books already because of the various ways the author just had to end them.

Also, the book’s ending was too…happy so to speak. I mean, right near the end of the book, I was glad some of the things that seemed sad at first wasn’t really sad at all. It’s just that the ending of the book was finished without so much as a cliffhanger or at least something that would lead us what to expect in the next book. The way this book ended, you might as well just forget the book was meant to be a part of a trilogy altogether.

Overall: 7/10 

The book is pretty fun to read and it won’t bore you so much as it has a lot to say about adventure and being chased. Although there were parts that dragged, don’t mistake them for the parts that were meant to be read slowly. I particularly liked reading the chapters in Russia although I initially thought it would be the boring and lovey-dovey part (and it was lovey-dovey but not as boring as I thought it would be).

There was this one part in the Russia arc that really just broke me, though. It’s right near the end. I can’t spoil it but it’s a character’s death and the character grew on me and I am still seriously experiencing the overwhelming sadness of it all.

With that said, I’m looking forward to the next book.

P.S. I only have one request for the author: She should provide us what happens to the characters in the different dimensions after they leapt from it. The author has done well to write about them so maybe we should get a bit of closure for those characters too.

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