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Welcoming 2015 with a running workout

Posted in health, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on January 1, 2015

Happy New Year Everyone! One of my personal traditions involve welcoming the new year with a run. I always run first thing in the morning and due to this I have to sleep extra early. I’ve been skipping the new year midnight for four years now and I don’t mind at all.

You can find my running details here

When I first blogged about what I think when I run, I figured running really was an excellent way to meditate. I only brought my phone for GPS purposes. I ran with no music in my ears, with no one to talk to, and literally running with just the slightest hope that I come back safe and sound. I realize I am at my most vulnerable and weakest when I do long runs. I also realized that this is an excellent way to test not just my physical strength but also my inner strength.

Running is no joke. You barely see bodybuilders run because running is harder than lifting. That’s right, running is harder than lifting. The main reason is that running deprives you of the comfort of having what you need within proximity. Running psyches your brain into thinking that you don’t have to do this and that you should just lift weights instead. It also drains you of your energy which unlike conventional weightlifting which most feel a pump of energy afterwards. And this makes running harder than it should be.

In the purest sense, running is something to be feared. Those who never get past this fear will always say they don’t need to run to be healthy or that they’d rather lift weights and so on. In the world of pure physical prowess, their reasons may have some truth in them. In a holistic perspective of strength, however, running is a necessity. Running has a tendency to increase your focus. It helps your mind think much clearer because you’re focused on keeping up the pace, inhaling and exhaling, watching out for rough roads, and trying not to get hit by a car.

In my case, running helps me sort things out in my head. I’m a heavy thinker. I always think about a lot of stuff because my brain is constantly active. Science say this is a sign of having a high I.Q. and I guess I’m proud of that fact. But sometimes I over-think and I give myself all sorts of negative thoughts because I’m a natural pessimist. Running helps me think about those negative thoughts one by one. So yes, I also think a lot while I focus on running but this doesn’t distract me. In a weird sense, it helps me train my brain to think about multiple things at a time without losing focus on the main goal which is to run safe and far.

For the first time ever, I did a couple of documentations (read: pictures) regarding my annual run. I started at around 0540 and got back at 0740 although Sportypal was only able to get the GPS going at 0554.

I’m looking forward to this year. In fact, 2015 will be one of my most important years, perhaps more important than 2014. With 2014, it was the year in which I decided to go after my goals. It was the year in which I got up and started taking life on much more serious level. Last year was full of hard decisions and this year will be crucial as this will determine if the decisions I made were right or if I’m just wasting my time.

I’m determined to be stronger not just physically but financially. I’m determined to surpass my older self. I’m determined to look 2015 in the eye without flinching, without a hint of embarrassment, and without doubts in my mind.

Let’s start the new year strong!

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