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Modifying My Kettlebell Program

Posted in health, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on January 24, 2015

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In an attempt to focus my workout into something basic yet essential, I’ve decided to modify my first workout program. This is what I may consider as an upgraded version if we’re to treat the first program as an overall basic workout routine.

I’ve been experimenting since January started and I’ve come up with a routine that’s guaranteed to give you the best bang for your bell without stressing yourself about doing them for a week.

The same schedule format will apply: 5 to 6 days a week, 20 minutes minimum on the clock.

Mind you, this revolves mostly around Hardstyle movements which means maximal effort in less repetitions. I’m fond of utilizing both GS and Hardstyle but I somehow always gravitate towards Hardstyle due to the maximal effort exerted in a short period of time.

Because let’s face it, 20 minutes isn’t that long. But if utilized efficiently, 20 minutes is more than enough.

For this program, you’ll need at least a pair of heavy KBs and one lighter bell. In my case, I use a pair of 32 kg and one 24 kg. The 24 kg is for the warm up while one or two 32 kg KBs will be used for the main workout.

Warm up:

This is to be done religiously every day before starting. If you’re in a hurry or have less than the allotted time, then I suggest you make the warm up as your actual workout. The purpose of a lighter weight is to prepare your body for the amount of work it’ll face in your main workout so you should NEVER skip this. You might as well just skip the workout altogether than risk injury because of exercising without a proper warm-up.

Here’s how the routine goes:

Tool: 1 x 24 kg kettlebell

Time: 5 minutes max


Basic arm, wrist, and shoulder warm-ups – you decide what type but I mostly just twist my wrists and shoulders for a few counts. Punching both fists vertically is also a good way to crack up a few sleeping joints (read: imagine doing a rep of jumping jacks without jumping)

Squats – do ten of these or if you want, you can extend your arms or twist them while you squat to save up on time. Don’t over do this; the purpose of the warm-up is to WARM UP not to exhaust yourself. Remember, this is not supposed to be the main workout.

Using the 24 kg bell:

3 x single arm swing

3 x snatch

3 x windmill

This is to be done without setting the bell down. After doing this with one arm, common sense dictates that you would do this with the other arm as well. As a personal preference, I use my weak arm first which in this case is my left.

Main workout:

Tool: 2 x 32 kg bell

Time: 20 minutes min

For the main workout, I’ll divide this into two categories: Heavy and light, both of which will be done alternatively for 5 to 6 days. This is what majorly comprised the reason for this modification. I found it much less stressful to have “light” days. This is not necessarily a workout for wussies but rather a form of releasing tension from yesterday’s heavy routine. It also aims to develop the muscles required for balance and endurance. In essence, the heavy routine invests more on lifting endurance and strength while the light routine dwells more on the cardiovascular capability of the kettlebell but still giving you a bit of strength training.

Heavy routine:

Tool: 2x 32 kg KB

Workout 1:

1. Alternative to Armor Building 

1 x double kettlebell swing

2 x double kettlebell cleans

1 x jerk per arm (while two kettlebells are in the rack position)

3 x double kettlebell front squat

Repeat for 5 to 6 times

2. Ab-wheel workout for 2-3 minutes

3. 10 x Hindu Push-ups

Workout 2:

Swing-Burpee combo

10 x double kettlebell swing

10 x burpee

Repeat 8 – 10 times

I’ve combined two of the best fat burners in fitness and repeating this 10 times, with strict form on both, should be more than enough.

Workout 3:

1. Swing-Push up combo

10 x double kettlebell swing

10 x one-leg push ups (5 per leg)

Repeat at least 5 times

2. Ab-wheel workout for 2-3 minutes

3. Pistol squats until time elapses. 

Light routine:

Tool: 1 x 32 kg KB

1. Jerk-Squat ladder

10 x KB jerk press (5 per arm)

10 x squats (weightless)

8 x KB jerk press (4 per arm)

8 x squats (weightless)




2 x KB jerk press (1 per arm)

2 x squats (weightless)

2. Swing-Push up ladder

10 x Single arm swing (5 per arm)

10 x One-leg Push up (5 per leg)

8 x Single arm swing (4 per arm)

8 x One-leg Push up (4 per leg)




2 x Single arm swing (1 per arm)

2 x One-leg Push up (1 per leg)

3. Pistol squats until time elapses. 

This light routine is just one. If you’ve noticed, it’s quite minimal and focused on utilizing the whole body in a series of varying reps per set. If done right, it can get your heart rate up quick. It won’t be as hard as a heavy routine but it would be just as satisfying if not more relaxing.

So what’s my goal now? Well, it’s till to double press a pair of 32 kg kettlebells but I’ve added snatching a 32 kg kettlebell as part of my goals. Pavel did say that snatching a 32kg bell was considered a right of passage that separates the men from the boys in Russia. I added this as a goal since I noticed how EASY it was for me to perform single arm swings now than a few months ago. It has come to a point that I’m swinging it deeper between the legs than what was initially recommended just to make harder and much more explosive.

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