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Movie Review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron (Avengers 2)

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on May 1, 2015
This scene was the holy grail of superhero action scenes to date.

This scene was the holy grail of superhero action scenes to date. Credits to

I just watched this film and I had my hopes way, way up specially since it’s an all-star cast and it’s one of the best film franchises in history. I mean, it’s a superhero movie made by one of the best superhero movie makers. The bar is already set high when you think back to the first Avengers film. I’m going to say it now: This film surpasses the first one in all aspects. You could go there and set your standards high and you wouldn’t think the film would go beyond it. 

What I liked:

Character development was a major factor in this film. Part 2 of the series explored the more human side of the Avengers specially their vulnerabilities to human emotions. How often could you see superheroes, gods for all they are, fight amongst themselves despite being a team for the same cause? How often would you see someone as massive as the Hulk morose and brooding? The movie also did well to re-introduce some characters from the Phase 2 films such as Warmachine and Falcon and you don’t really need to watch the movies they were on to appreciate their presence (though their films were pretty good themselves).

Near the end of the film, you would see how Hawkeye’s emotions play a vital role in the actions he decides to take. He has a family to go back to and he only wants to go home but he kept to his duties first as part of the Avengers. I was also in awe of his inspirational dialogue to Scarlet Witch. I mean, the citie’s floating, he’s fighting robots with a bow and arrow, and he simply can’t afford to babysit someone. It really dawned on me the responsibilities of an Avenger when he said “When you walk out of there, you’re an Avenger”. That’s probably one of the best quotes in the film right there.

Another plus here is setting up of Civil War. Throughout the film, you would witness Iron Man and Captain America go at it with their differing opinions on what is for the good of the world. The dialogue was intense and it’s an interesting follow through from the way they treated each other since Avengers 1.

The action was, as usual, goosebumpy. Every action scene was jaw dropping. We had Hulk against Iron Man and I thought that was pretty great. I knew about the Hulk Buster armor but I never thought this film would make it look so awesome. It pales in comparison to the climax, though. When they were fighting Ultron’s full army, and when Iron Man quoted Captain America’s line of being together when faced against incredible enemies, my jaw was like on the floor. All hairs were standing and I didn’t want the fight scene to end. It was every bit as good as superhero fanservice gets and you definitely would want to watch the whole battle scene again, and again, and again. Hulk had his little “God silencing moves” on this film again when he punched Ultron out into the air (and again when he drops him from the Quinjet, and it was funny how Ultron begged for a break too!).

The details of this film would make the average fan of the comics smile with content at the very least. Casual series fans wouldn’t understand some of the terms mentioned or why this relatively unknown person suddenly became important despite being given barely 10 minutes of screen time. For me, as someone who didn’t get the same addiction to comics but has general knowledge of the whole plot (and yes, I know Ultron was supposed to be part of Ant-Man’s series), the film satisfied my cravings definitely.

What I didn’t like:

I liked the combination of Quicksilver and Hawkeye in the film yet it’s as if these two characters won’t be seen in the future anymore. Sure, Quicksilver I understand but I’ll find it hard to watch an Avenger’s film without Hawkeye.

Not to pick on this much but Ultron was too funny to be a major villain but we all loved it when it was Loki. I still like him as a villain and I assume the movie wanted the audience to understand that he based his attitude from Tony Stark.


This film is once again the movie of this year. Enough said. If you haven’t watched it yet then go right now!

Overall: 10/10

Bonus: Elizabeth Olsen is officially on my “girls to watch out for” in Hollywood. She’s sexy without even trying in this film. I mean, Scarlett Johansson is sexy and she has probably the prettiest face in the franchise but  was…different and that made me want to look at her more. Although I have to imagine her acting without the CGI is a bit awkward but she pulled it off!

Courtesy of Reddit

Courtesy of Reddit

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