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Book Review: Gone by Michael Grant

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on July 20, 2015


I’m reviewing quite possibly one of the best books series I’ve ever read. What made me pick this up is the way the book used a synopsis that was achingly familiar towards one of my favorite genre: ordinary humans with powers. There’s just something about extraordinary abilities and “wars” that drive me mad and this book has them. In fact, it has more than what it appeared to offer. This book has drama, love, death, despair, lust, hate, inhumanity, and will definitely make you question your morals.

When I first started reading this, I started to sympathize with the characters right off the bat. They were kids 14 and below (with plenty of children below 10 years old, some even toddlers and infants) and all the adults just poofed out of existence and they find themselves trapped inside a barrier that seems to make the world around them change, morph, and turn even the most innocent children into awful human beings.

It was a plus that the characters were kids as the book would make you feel for their needs: lack of proper food, no security, hungry and dying children, no hospitals and doctors, and basically an imagined world based on a “what if” situation that seemed all too real. Not to mention how the bullies ruled and did whatever they liked, even if it meant killing innocent children. It was all too morbid sometimes that you just can’t help but read on to see if something good happens after.

The whole “kids going up against each other to establish civilization” was really, really similar to “The Lord of the Flies” and the whole barrier thing? It’s definitely akin to Stephen King’s “The Dome”. And it was funny how I spotted the exact same review upon further glancing of the pages I often skip out on. They even mentioned how this book was what could’ve been had Stephen King himself wrote The Lord of the Flies.

One more thing I loved about reading this is how almost each chapter is told from the point of view of another character. It’s not mentioned anywhere or hinted but it’s quite implied. You would be able to notice it just after reading the first two paragraphs. It’s amazing how the author is able to take on multiple personas in one story. I tried doing that myself but it was hard despite how I mostly only used two characters!

I won’t spoil it. But this book has gotten me so excited to book hunt again it reminded me of my thirst for the Percy Jackson series and the Song of Ice and Fire (of which George really needs to pick up the pace on to finish). I’ll search the local bookstores first then Amazon if all else fails.

10/10 definitely. A story about kids but is definitely not for kids. It’s too dark and serious for kids barely into puberty to understand let alone appreciate but is definitely not JUST for teens. Even adults can learn a thing or two. I know I did and I’m about to be 26.

Favorite quote:

“It’s vital to keep a sense of humour when the world seems to have suddenly become a very strange place.”

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