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Les Miserables Manila 2016 – Worth Every Second And Every Cent

Posted in entertainment, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on March 19, 2016


Les Miserables Manila is definitely worth the price and traffic. The effects and props are what you would expect from an international performance group. I love this novel and I would definitely watch it again and again and again. I’ve been wanting to watch it since I read the unabridged book some 10 or so years ago as well as watch the film four years back. The story still drives me to a sort of lonely guilt that I just love feeling.

I purchased the tickets without knowing who the heck played who because this was the first time Les Mis would be in the Philippines. I booked VIP on opening day and chose the best seat in the house which was right in the center without being too close or too far; just right to see, hear, and even feel everything.

I had my doubts on Rachel Ann but she proved me wrong. Real wrong. That woman is definitely Broadway worthy. Just don’t think much about racial inaccuracies and you should be fine. The kids were real professionals for their age too. The Thernadiers were funny as usual but the theatre version was a bit darker than the movie one and I found it better. And as usual, Enjolras was the hottest guy in the cast. He always steals the head turns from Marius.

Speaking of hot stuff, I found Eponine to be prettier than Cosette this time. Well, well, I guess the Lark has met her match this time.

One thing I noticed, besides a small stage to work on and fewer cast members, was how they changed Grantaire’s and Enjolras’ death scene. It’s my favorite scene in the book and movie as it showed how Grantaire sort of loved Enjolras more than a friend or at least as his ultimate best friend. It also highlighted how Grantaire could have walked out of there alive, as he was drunk and asleep during the whole battle, but he instead saw to die with Enjolras in the end.

I understand the director tried a few twists and turns so it’s just me being a nitpicking prick.

Gavroche’s death was also watered down here a bit as the books tried to tell the reader he would survive but he died shortly after his third ammo-theft. His was a tragic story which was of course better told in the book. What I do love is the part during Javert’s last act. None of us in the audience expected that kind of “fall.” We all clapped so hard at a guy’s death scene like WTF right? Haha

What else… Oh right, I saw the whole cast ride their shuttle via Victory Liner and actually had a chance to be stranded in traffic with them along Roxas Blvd. Awesome.

All in all, I loved it and would watch it all over again if I had the time. Thank you for the show and definitely a big and unforgettable thank you to Victor Hugo.


P.S. No photos were allowed to be taken during the performance. I also bought the Programme Souvenir despite being overpriced at 750 PHP. Worth it!

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  1. Jokeee said, on May 9, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    I would just like to ask if you can take a picture of what’s inside the souvenir program. And is it hardbound? I badly want to buy one and I don’t know if it’s still available at Solaire. And I’m here in London and I don’t know if that kind of souvenir programme is available here. Thank you!

    • Fated Blue said, on May 13, 2016 at 11:21 am

      I’ll see what I can do. Give me this weekend. I’m not at home right now.

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