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Movie Review: Batman v Superman

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on April 17, 2016

Batman v Superman

This is a really late post as I watched the film last March 26. Reason for the late post is due to a really hectic schedule concerning my work as a freelance writer. I’m sure everyone knows what critics and fans think of the film.

On one side are people who thought the movie was too dark, gritty, serious, lacked storytelling structure, and “not like Marvel.” On the other side are people who are more than pleased with Snyder’s Justice League prequel and are ready to duke it out with naysayers anytime of day.

I’m not a fan of the comic book series, I’m not a fan of the Justice League series. What I am is a fan of Batman and this is what a typical Batman fan has to say about Batman v Superman.

Let’s try a different review format:

  • This film, in its entirety, was definitely for comic book fans. You either enjoy the Easter eggs for the first hour or you get bored and maybe even sleepy waiting for the clips in the trailer to happen.
  • It’s not really for the typical Marvel movie audience as the rivalry build up takes at least an hour and definitely felt too long for the much anticipated fight of the century.
  • There were also a lot of scenes that could make the typical audience say “WTF was that? Who was that guy talking to Bruce?” and the movie didn’t really explain them. I think Synder will show the same scene again in the future movies so audience will go “Ah, that explains it…” but this means the movie can’t stand on its own.
  • As for the Justice League hints, it didn’t feel rushed IMO. They showed three other members for not even 5 minutes but if DC is building a franchise then those few minutes were an okay start. Not plenty compared to Marvel’s build-up but it sort of makes you look forward to seeing the whole team together.
  • Wonder woman’s scenes were too short but the ones she was featured in were definitely worth rewatching. Goosebumps the moment she showed her hero side. Looking forward to her new film.
  • Batfleck is real. I’m hyping it because he’s a great Batman. The only problem I had with this batman is the one rule he kept breaking. Nolan’s didn’t kill and this one didn’t care. Even in the Dark Knight Returns he really just crippled goons and thugs. Again, Batfleck is damn good and I praise his acting but I don’t like it when Batman kills or uses a gun so I blame Snyder.
  • Alfred was wickedly awesome and being a cynical and sarcastic butler is definitely a charming approach.
  • Jesse was cringey. I don’t know, he could play a decent Joker based on what I saw but as Luthor…not so much. Luthor was arrogant and Jesse made do with a psychopath. He did it well but not my kind of Luthor. I think he tried to be a sort of Joker-Luthor mix but it didn’t work for me.
  • Cavill is a great superman although I kept wondering what his costume was made of since, well, it seems to be tougher than him, taking all the explosions and rough punches.
  • Fight scene was definitely referencing The Dark Knight Returns and it did justice action-wise but they sacrificed a great script for the plot. The Martha script is pretty good, though, since it not only made the audience realize both Batman and Superman’s mother share the same name but it also showed Batman’s mental and emotional weakness when it comes to his parents’ deaths.

5-6/10 for the typical movie goer who enjoy Marvel movies.
8-9/10 for comic book fans.
Personally, I’m scoring this a 7 but I’m biased because of the way Bats beat the shit out of Supes. I enjoy watching an overpowered alien get beat up by a mere mortal in a bat costume.
PS: no post credits scene.

This film reversed the ending of TDKR.

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