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Movie Review: Captain America – Civil War

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on May 22, 2016

Civil War movie

I reviewed Batman v Superman last time and I got two scores for the normal fan and the comic book fan.

Anyway, I’m into the whole Avengers bandwagon thing now since I’m one of those normal fans who are looking forward to how it all ends. I already watched the Iron Man movies, the Cap A movies, and of course, the two Avengers films. I also watched Guardians of the Galaxy but I skipped Thor, Ant Man (heard it was cool/a B+ movie), and will be skipping Dr. Strange despite him possibly having another infinity stone.

Again, I’m not a total fan of Marvel or any of its franchise. I’m not even really into DC myself save for Batman. So this review is just what a casual MCU fan thinks of the movie.

This is a pretty late review as I watched it last May 1. Too much time writing stuff for my website and for my job. It’s also mostly spoiler free except #2.

1. The movie formula of Marvel is pretty good. Action, story, chase, action, story, chase, action, epilogue. It also made the movie seem shorter despite being more than two hours long. It keeps people on the edge of their seats unlike Zack’s storyyyyyyyy, action, storyyyyyyyyyyyy, action, epilogue which isn’t for the modern action movie audience. I hope Zack (or other DC directors) improve on fitting action sequences in between story-telling.

2. Didn’t like how someone else quoted Mark Twain. I wanted Cap to say it to Spidey.

3. Speaking of Spidey, I guess they had to make him the youngest spidey (I think) to date so they can have a sizzling aunt May. He had plenty of lines too although I think some of them were forced to be Deadpool-like.

4. Airport scene was okay. I had my jaw dropped but not as low as when the big fight scene occurred in BvS. Nonetheless, Paul Rudd’s presence was pretty cool. His role in that fight was the BIGGEST. He was a HUGE help to Cap.

5. Tony had a Bruce Wayne feel to him which I think made his character better (or maybe because I’m biased towards Bats).

6. Captain’s biceps + helicopter scene. I’m as straight as Cap’s morals but man, Steve’s body is definitely made of wow.

7. Sokovia, Sokovia, Sokovia. Everything is about Sokovia. Makes me want to pay Segovia a visit, actually. Maybe it’s a subtle tourism ad.

8. Speaking of ads, this movie is chuck full of them or at least not subtle about it.

9. Predictable catchphrases. Marvel is known for quips so I guess it can’t be helped if you can finish someone’s sentence even if it’s the first time you’ve watched the film.

10. And oh, two post credit scenes. Nothing major although I didn’t exactly read the whole Civil War issues so I don’t know if there’s something I missed. I followed DC more than I ever did Marvel and even then I only really know Spiderman.

Overall rating: 8/10. Good story line and movie formula. I didn’t like being able to predict some if not most of their quips/dialogues; kind of made it cheesy.

Lastly, I’m not a fan of Marvel but the movie can stand on its own which is something BvS lacked (I scored BvS a generous 7/10).

Next superhero (villain) film would be Suicide Squad.

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