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Movie Review: LOGAN (2017)

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on March 12, 2017

744742.jpgI am going to say this right now. If you haven’t seen this film yet, make it a point to see it after reading this post. Not just because it’s the last film of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but because of how incredible the whole movie was.

I read Old Man Logan before and I felt this film drew some inspiration from that story. Some people say they needed a backstory or some flashback scenes because the story lacked some form of backstory. In my opinion, you only really need to listen to the dialogue as well as do a bit of critical thinking to understand the world the characters are moving in.

You could say there were parts that were left to be ambiguous and it’s true. There were some things that weren’t fully explained and were left to the audience’s imagination but I feel like those would’ve just took the focus away from the three main characters that is Wolverine, Charles Xavier, and X-23/Laura. If anything, those flashbacks would’ve been a good Blu-ray bonus but nothing critical for the film’s sake.

I loved the character development in this film. Even though you know who the good and bad guys are, it also makes you question their motives and surprises you when they do or say something they weren’t expected to say or do until that point in the film. The build up was gradual but also created impact when necessary. And by impact I meant drama over a terrible event. I guess the makers of this film knew the one thing that makes people become either heroes or villains is one bad day or in Logan’s case, losing the people he cares about.

There was also a bit of poetry in this film. I liked it how Logan was *SPOILERS AHEAD* up against a cloned version of himself but younger, more feral, and no sense of morality whatsoever. He was pitted against the one thing he COULD HAVE been which was a weapon for mass murder. And it hurt to see Logan struggle and get beat up by this clone, as if to say Logan’s inner demon was stronger than his own will to do what is right, that perhaps him doing the right thing has made him weaker since it made him have feelings of remorse and regret instead of just anger and hate.

In direct contrast was Laura/X-23. You see, *SPOILERS AHEAD* Laura is Logan’s inner good which is heavily put into detail in the film. Laura was introduced as innocent, feral, but knew who to trust and had a sense of what was right from wrong. All this despite literally not knowing anything except a sliver of human moments with the nurses who took care of them and eventually helped her and her friends escape.

Laura was part of the X-23 project but was aborted when X-24, the Logan Clone, was completed. And since we’re dealing with a child project here, being aborted means being terminated and it involved killing child test subjects. The government just didn’t need them anymore and since they all grew up like lab rats and weren’t considered human despite being born naturally thru artificial insemination.

Laura was a perfect example of how strong you can be even if you are among the few who believed in what was right. Laura, despite being a failed experiment, proved that being failure is a stepping stone to succeeding or in this film’s case, to finding out why you were born. Unlike X-24 who was strong to begin with but only knew how to follow orders, Laura has a conscience and knows the concept of a family and what is good, despite being exposed to similar torture and experiments X-24 probably had to endure. Family makes a difference.

Speaking of family, I like how the concept of the film revolved around forming a family with the most unlikely characters. Taken out of context and at face value, there was no way you can say a wheelchair-bound nonagenarian telepathic, a feral girl who barely talks, and an old, drunken war hero – who has seen more than his fair share of bad times – could pull off even the slightest concept of a family yet this film showed us it can.

As for the death scenes, they were bittersweet. It had me tearing up during the *SPOILERS AHEAD* part when Logan had to bury his old friend Charles because of what X-24 did. He also probably blamed himself since X-24 was literally based on his own DNA which means he would’ve done the exact same thing – murder an innocent family and an old man who can’t even stand on his own – if someone told him to do so.

Then Logan himself died but because he chose to fight X-24, his inner demon. Logan was weak and dying yet he chose to do the right thing even at the expense of his own life, something he hasn’t done yet since he has never fully understood the concept of dying due to his healing factor which is now impaired due to old age.

And just like poetry, Logan himself was about to die at the hands of his inner demon when Laura, Logan’s inner good, saved him by using the one thing he thought of using on himself for a long time: An adamantium bullet. Laura shot X-24 through the back of the head and just cloned mutant brain parts everywhere.

When Laura held Logan’s hand and he mutters the words “So this is how it feels like” it just made me bawl. Not just because of the scene or how wonderful the whole movie was up to that point but because this is the last time I’ll see this Wolverine on the big screen.

You can argue that this film was all about Logan finding himself, with Xavier being his conscience, and Laura and X-24 the two paths presented to him. In the end, despite all the terrible events that occurred in between, Logan chose the hard path, the one that has the most pain but one that leads to a higher plane. Not because he was an “X-Man” but because he was human.

Overall Rating: 9/10

The only thing that could’ve made this film better is if it were released on Father’s Day.

Do I want a sequel or a follow-up to this film? If I were to choose, no. The film is great as it is. There is no way they can pull off something better or as good as this as a sequel, mainly because the one guy we all watched it for is dead. So no, a direct sequel would be a bad idea.

Now, how about an X-23/Laura spin-off? Do we get to see if they actually made it? What did they do after crossing the border? Sounds like a good idea but right now, it’s a definite maybe. I loved her character but if they plan on milking the Logan franchise, they’ll need to milk Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine as flashbacks or as reference.

The final question would be: Who is the next Wolverine? I honestly don’t know but some people say Tom Hardy and he’s a damn fine actor so perhaps but then again, Jackman was an accidental cast and look how great he turned out to be. So the role is up in the air for whoever is brave enough to snatch it.

No matter who it is, the Hugh Jackman Wolverine generation will be his harshest critics.

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