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What are the typical traits of Filipinos?

Posted in Special posts by Fated Blue on April 28, 2017

This is the link to the original question on my new favorite site Quora. For some reason, some dipshit found my answer worth moderating despite positive feedback so I decided to bring it out here.

One reason I answered it that way was because of the OVERWHELMINGLY positive answers from foreigners. Yeah sure, they’re all true but they end up giving the country a false image of peace and civilized culture. .The Filipino is anything but.

Yes, these are generalizations but can you actually disagree with me? If you find yourself nodding to every one trait I listed then perhaps these traits are what is inherent to us since birth and we only learn to be proper citizens as we age.

(Before we start, I like to credit Thought Catalog for the featured image used.)

I’m a Filipino and our typical bad traits are:

  1. We are Racists. Yep, we have A LOT of jokes regarding stereotypes. You Caucasian? You’re automatically rich, smart, a sex tourist, and either American or British. Indian? You drive a Vespa, right? You’re also a loanshark by default. Middle-Eastern? You smell bad and probably have thick chest hair. You’re also a woman-hater. Chinese/Korean/Japanese? We make fun of your language.
  2. We hate each other. As much as we all feel patriotic when a foreigner lambastes our nation or citizens, we actually don’t want to see each other getting it easier in life. We have this thing called Crab Mentality where if we see a peer going up, we do what it takes to bring them back down.
  3. We are Hypocrites. A bunch of us are religious on paper. We’re also one of the largest Roman Catholic countries in the world. Yet here we are, we like vices, we’re on the verge of approving death penalty, we think women who wear short skirts and sleeveless tops deserve to be catcalled or blamed for drunk-rape, we glorify “players” but cast stones on their female counterparts, and we even hate it when we are the ones being racially profiled yet we do the same to other foreigners (refer to #1).
  4. We have an inferiority complex. Similar to #1, when we see a foreigner at work, we assume they are somehow better than us; that we have to treat them in a special manner and make sure they don’t get harassed by fellow Filipinos or have their stay here difficult. Local companies here also promote or outright hire foreigners to high positions despite lack of work experience or skills. I’ll also add how we glorify people who can speak fluent English. Yeah, we consider fluency in English as a marker of educational success. Sure, there are some ways fluency in English is related to overall intelligence but come on, that’s just a dumb IQ calculator.
  5. We don’t care about long term shit. We are a third world country for a reason and that reason is because we have a third world mentality. We prefer band aid solutions to long term fixes, we prefer to buy something we damn KNOW won’t last a week over and over again because it’s cheaper. We’re afraid of investments but we’re not afraid of loans with high interest rates. We prefer to look rich now but poor later than to look poor now but rich later.
  6. We like trends. We’re often geared towards following in the footsteps of our Western friends even if it means spending a ton of money on social climbing despite not having enough money for more important things. We also have beliefs based on what the West is about. A good example is pineapple on pizza. We have eaten pineapples on pizzas for DECADES and when the whole internet was debating it, we suddenly got some local haters.
  7. We don’t fact check. Someone here pointed out we like gossip. Well guess what? That’s true. In fact, last year’s elections were filled with OBVIOUSLY trash news and photoshopped images. If it agrees with us, we share it and take it as it is. If it doesn’t, we either destroy it and its author or we vilify it as fake news even if it wasn’t. Hey, a bunch of us would rather believe a blogger than actual historians particularly when said blogger would consider our own version of Hitler as a fucking national hero.
  8. We are elitists. You’re either rich or you’re poor. You either got everything handed to you or you were too stupid to accumulate wealth. You either deserve cancer or deserve hunger. Oddly enough, the poor end up voting the vile rich people they hate and the rich people? They vote who the poor won’t. Okay, I exaggerated the last sentence but it’s pretty real.
  9. We are anti-intellectuals. “Edi wow.” “Ikaw na.” “Dami mong alam”. These phrases all say one thing: “I hate that you’re smarter than me.” They are all insults to people who share opinions that are either in full-on English or has a point that went straight over a bunch of dimwits’ heads. When arguing on an OPEN forum or page, where both smarts and dumbs collide, the one with the most logic and probably longest posts are flooded downwards by idiots who insult with one-liners or internet comedians who are after likes and shares.
  10. We never learn. Look, we’ve been a third world country for decades. We had hundreds of nationwide rallies, multiple rigged and legit elections, a lot more natural and man-made disasters, and yet we NEVER learn from any of them. The Philippines is the very definition of INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Bonus: We don’t give a shit about traffic laws and yet we always complain about traffic. And we also take PRIDE over small/irrelevant feats. If one famous person is even hinted to have a drop of Filipino blood (or had a Filipino as a close inspiration), we headline the shit out of that. Filipinos have the top trending topics on twitter or whatever social media platform? We Glorify it not knowing it just shows Filipinos have no real past time outside the internet.

Bring on the hate lol

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