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Movie Review: Wonder Woman 2017 – “Best DC Film Since Nolan’s Dark Knight”

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on June 3, 2017

wonder_woman_xlg“I can save today, you can save the world”

I watched this film as soon as the nearest theatre allowed me to watch it and I loved it.

I’ve been hyped since Batman V Superman and right now I’m telling you: Wonder Woman is the best DC film since Nolan’s Dark Knight.

Right now I’m giving it a solid 9.5/10.

9.5 out of 10 is the highest grade I’ve given any DC film since Nolan’s Dark Knight.

For the current DCEU movies, I gave MoS a 6, I didn’t think BvS was crap so I gave it a 7, and Suicide Squad, 5.

One reason I gave Wonder Woman such a high score is because it lived up to the hype.

When BvS bombed, I always told people it wouldn’t be Batman or Superman who would save the DCEU but Wonder Woman. It would be ironic and symbolic at the same time.

Ironic because Superman and Batman have been on the big screen a lot more than most stand alone super heroes yet filmmakers still can’t get a lot of the audience to unanimously like their films. Wonder Woman’s first time on the big screen actually did. For the longest time, male-lead superheroes have always shown women as sidekicks, love interests, or your generic damsels in distress. Now, the damsel is a man and probably Diana’s true love: Steve Trevor. (I ship WonderBat btw)

I would say symbolic because historically, powerful women have always been forced to stay in the shadows of famous men, but now look at how the people want more of Wonder Woman than both of Superman and Batman combined. People now want to see more films about Wonder Woman and other iconic female superheroes, a feat that hasn’t been achieved before. People now wonder if DC and Marvel will now have the guts to actually launch female-lead superhero films given Wonder Woman’s success.

As a Batman fan, I prayed so hard Wonder Woman would be so good it would give me a good reason to expect great things for the upcoming Justice League film and now I’m wanting to believe someone answered my prayers. The film lived up to the hype and was worth the wait, but at the same time, couldn’t come any earlier.

I knew Gal wouldn’t fail her role (same with Affleck) but I wasn’t sure with the team behind the movie. I mean, we got BvS and Suicide Squad before this film so we all had reasons to worry. Now, we might as well forget those two films because they’re both riding on the coattails of one of the world’s first female superhero. So thank goodness for Patty Jenkins (Director of WW) and her brilliant story telling.

Maybe Zack Snyder and Patty should work together on Justice League (and future Wonder Woman films!). Zack’s action scenes with Patty’s brilliant story telling will make Marvel fear DC. Now, Marvel is probably a bit rattled at the success of Wonder Woman but if Patty and Gal continue to work together for years to come, that little rattle can become fear.

The only flaw I saw was how the film’s emotional scenes were rushed. It didn’t let the audience truly feel for the characters specially during the “flying explosion” scene. (I can’t explain this as it’s a major spoiler).

One moment there was happiness, the next was sadness, then there was rage, and suddenly calm. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions leading to the last act but given the already long screen time (not that I’m complaining!), I figured the rush was more of a marketing move than a plot directive. I mean, people have such short attention spans nowadays that 2-hour films feel like they take too long.

Regardless, I’d gladly watch this film again should I have the time. I now have at least two reasons (one being Batfleck) to look forward to DCEU’s future lineup.

Points I really rave about the movie

Casting. Supreme casting. I would’ve wanted someone else, someone that looks more formidable for the “big bad” since he looked wimpy and nice, but perhaps that was intentional. I also like the “gang” they got here. Funny and witty without going over the top or trying too hard.

Plot. Simple and focused. It was all about Wonder Woman. No random flashback to scenes where only comicbook fans will get, no unnecessary introduction of comic book characters, foreshadowing wasn’t there (if it was, I didn’t notice). It was all about an innocent character having a taste of reality for the first time and along the way overcomes her own limitations through the power of love. Looks cheesy but trust me: IT WORKS.

Setting. The film takes you from a peaceful paradise island to a war-torn land as if to contrast the innocence Diana was raised with and the harsh reality the world has become. The setting also perfectly describes Diana and Steve’s characters and how they contrast each other.

Themyscira is a paradise island isolated from the rest of the world. Beautiful, pure, and innocent like Diana. The world of men, the world Steve grew up in, was the exact opposite of that. Unlike the world, however, Steve didn’t let its corruption sink his views of what is right and wrong and perhaps this trait is what made Diana fall for Steve.

I mean, given how she was raised not to rely on men, she probably didn’t expect Steve to be who he is or to act the way he did when it counted.

Camaraderie. Diana is an epic melee fighter and the film gave it justice, but it didn’t do it by merely giving her a Superman-type of invincibility. No, the film showed us even warriors need help from friends. I enjoyed those moments when her ordinary team members all pitched in to make sure Diana would save the day. They knew she was out of this world (literally), but that didn’t stop them from treating her like one of their own. A sense of camaraderie envelops their little suicide squad and  it’s one of the, if not the, film’s strongest points.

Fight Scenes. The film showed us how much of a badass Diana is as Wonder Woman and I think the World War setting helped a lot. That and everyone’s favorite Wonder Woman theme playing in the background. Which do you prefer?

BvS version

Wonder Woman 2017 version

Either way, Hans is a GENIUS.

Speaking of soundtracks, I love the official theme song by Sia. I felt that this was the perfect theme song to this film, perfectly portraying Wonder Woman as a person who also knows how to love and what it’s like to be loved.

It’s beautiful.

Love interest. As I mentioned, I ship WonderBat, but I may have to side with my friend (who could be the biggest Wonder Woman fan ever) who always rooted for Steve.

I’ll sound cheesy, but I felt the love between the two characters. They had a chemistry that belonged in romcoms and surprisingly, it didn’t feel forced. It was the kind of romance you actually want to cheer on so it was sad when…well…when “THAT” happened.

I knew Steve “wouldn’t get a chance” to star in the future films, but I didn’t think it would be because of what happened. I obviously can’t say it, but if you’re a fan and are particularly insightful, you know what I mean.

All I can say is, I now see why Steve is Diana’s one true love. It made me feel so sad when Steve told Diana, in the middle of battling a war god, the following quote:

I can save today, you can save the world.

And that’s my favorite quote from the film. How I wish we can see more of these two.

Overall: 9.5/10. It’s the breath of fresh air, a sight for sore eyes, and whatever idiom you can use to describe what Wonder Woman is not just to the DCEU, but to the millions of hopeful fans who were likely disappointed last year. If anything, Wonder Woman brought the DCEU back out of the shadows and into mainstream media because now I’m looking forward to the Justice League EVEN MORE.

I could only hope we can watch more Wonder Woman films with Gal and Patty again in the future.

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