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Thoughts about the MCU after Infinity Wars

Posted in entertainment, Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on May 3, 2018

Watched one of Pewd’s recent videos and he made a commentary on the MCU.

Pewds said it’s unbelievable that after almost 20 films, people are still getting excited over a new movie or a new character reveal. It’s unbelievable how people don’t notice that almost every movie is just a reskin of the previous ones. He is also frustrated how it affects the number of films he could watch during its screening, with almost every cinema showing just one movie for two weeks, forcing “other” fans to wait for the Blu Ray release of these other films.

And I agree.

Thinking about how the hype around the recent film died just after the first weekend is incredible. The first Iron Man film’s hype lasted almost two months, and Civil War’s hype lasted one year before and at least three months after the film was released.

Perhaps we’ve arrived to a point where an MCU movie is only exciting from the first day of the trailer up to the first week of release, and the aggressive marketing and promotions done by Marvel since Ant Man showed just that.

The plot and storytelling qualities are the same, the actors portraying heroes are always above average, and the CGI and script are more or less at par with what the audience expects. Marvel has the audience hook, line, and sinker, with each moviegoer willing to hold their bladder just to see a 30-second mid and post-credits scene.

The consistency of greatness with each film is perhaps what made MCU films both exciting and a sure bet for the whole family to enjoy.

This consistency, however, could be what would cause its bubble to burst, as you can almost guess what will happen in one film, just like how everyone thinks they know how the second installment to Infinity Wars will end.

Just like the last season of Game of Thrones, the MCU has all but become predictable, with plot direction and character deaths and resurrections being decided according to their individual fanbase and future ticket sales.

It’s no longer a question what Marvel will do after Infinity Wars 2; future lineups have been presented to their audience and they have likely greenlighted films for the next five years.

The question is whether Marvel can still maintain their blockbuster sales – sales they seem to break year in and year out – once the Infinity Stones arc is over.


Will the MCU’s future audience still be in awe of CGI superheroes and green-screened explosions? How can they get out of the quicksand of superhero saturation they made in the near(ing) future? How many quips can they write before it becomes cringey? CAN they make a film without any quip? When will they remake Howard the Duck? How many times would Tom Holland have to dance in drag and lipsynch to promote their new films?

Marvel has also generated a new brand of elitism within an already elitist niche. Will they do something about it? CAN they do something about it?

No one knows the answers at this point. Maybe we won’t know unitl Infinity Wars 2 is over and done with. What we do know is Marvel will keep on releasing films, perhaps making use of crossovers and the inevitable X-Men franchise, and its current audience will continue to throw money at them until they no longer can.

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