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Four weeks with Anki to learn Japanese

Posted in life, Uncategorized by Fated Blue on September 14, 2019

Originally posted on Facebook Sep 14 2019 11:30


It’s been exactly one month since I started using the AnkiDroid app to learn Japanese. My daily routine for 30 days consist of learning right after I wake up, then reviewing the words and phrases I’ve learned around 4 or 5 pm and just before I sleep. It takes roughly an hour in total everyday. Sometimes slightly more.

Granted I would have learned more in an actual school with actual books and classmates, the fact that the app is free and can easily be accessed without internet (just download the “lessons”), I say the app really does the job.

So far, the problems I’ve encountered were from reading single character Kanji with multiple pronunciations and verbs and nouns that sound alike, but have different meanings. Not to mention that writing style that we refer to as “Engrish” uses weird characters instead of Hiragana.

I think I’m also past the first 220 flashcards, with probably 188 I know by heart and more importantly, by memory. I can read and pronounce them properly now, though a bit slow. Some phrases especially require more than one listen, since they literally sound alike as well as have the same hiragana spelling.

I’ve also started reading Japanese tweets from the artists I follow, and while I can’t fully read everything (the most I can do right now is read characters, put them together, and guess what they mean before I use Google translate), I’m confident enough to be able to translate close to 1/4 of their tweets. Not much, but its a lot more than what I could have translated a month before.

Hopefully, I would have at least decent reading skills by the end of September.

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