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I’m officially an old-year old (30)

Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on September 25, 2019


I’m no longer young, but I still have youth. I’m a year closer to death, and I’ve never felt more alive.

Better make the most out of it. Here’s a little time capsule letter thingy.

profile photo  (1).jpg

(This was us, we went to Universal Studios Japan with the fam bam last March 8 2019. It was the best part of the trip because we literally forced mom and dad to ride scary stuff!)

To myself: I hope when you read this again somewhere down the line (maybe you’re 40 now or 60?!):

  • I want you to remember that this year was the year you took your family to Osaka, Sapporo, and then three months later to Tokyo.
  • I want you to remember that last August 14 you started learning Japanese through an app called Anki and a cool Brit dude in Japan named Chris Broad told you it was a good app.
  • I want you to remember that you’re currently searching for someone, and you know you need to find them, but you don’t know who they are. You think she’s either Japanese or Russian, or perhaps someone European. Then again, maybe it’s just your weird travel fantasies.
  • Your brother gifted you Just Cause 4 and a pair of LeBron “Agimat.” Is he married now? Does he have kids? Don’t get angry at him. You love him! Also, I hope mom and dad’s still around. If not, well I hope y’all had fun together the way we did during this time. I know you miss them and you’re probably running out of reasons to work, but you have to keep on living for your brother.
  • Speaking of families, you married? I hope you have a dog at least. Also, I hope we’re freaking rich now. Because goddamn I know I can’t keep freelance writing for the next decade. Or can I? Did we?
  • Is Facebook still a thing? How did Fortnite die? How about smartphones? Do we have flying cars now? CAN YOU DRIVE?! Fuck I hope so. And I also hope mom and dad’s life didn’t depend on your driving skills.
  • Did we finally delete Fit and Write? JFC we killed that blog lol So much for a reliable source of passive income.
  • How’s Pewdiepie? How did he retire? Was his last vid awesome? How about Joji? Is the US still fucked? Have we been to the US? Because right now, Donald Trump is just…wow.
  • Tell me GRRM finished his ASOIAF series. Because for fuck’s sake if not. Sandor better have had a good ending with Sansa!
  • How’s the house right now (How’s and house…)? We haven’t started building yet (we plan on construction by March). I hope all went well and as planned.
  • Are we still marginally unattractive? Like, tell me we had sex a lot of times along the way. PLEASE.
  • Are we still watching JAV stuff? LOL I hope so, but not out of loneliness! 😀
  • Is the Philippines still a sucky country? If yes, who fucked it up further? If no, who fixed our shit?
  • Be strong, okay? You’re going to lose a lot of friends and loved ones along the way. I dread it now, but I hope you’ve found a way to somehow “get used” to it.
  • Hey, did y’all ever get to travel to Europe? I’m planning on taking the entire family to Paris sometime in probably 2022 or before that if I still have money. But, Australia and New Zealand comes first.
  • I love mom and dad. I hope they went well if they’re gone now. If not, I hope they’re not too old and sick. Take care of father and mother, okay? Don’t get angry! That’s your problem, and by now you should have solved it!
  • How’s your Japanese by the way? Can we handle a conversation with a Jrapper now?
  • Do we still read books in the future?
  • You’re still fit and strong, right? RIGHT?! Stop eating ice cream lol
  • Did our love for coffee help us in anyway? I hope you still brew! ^_^
  • Don’t forget to love yourself. I know it’s hard, and right now I don’t love myself, but maybe if I tell it to myself some years into the future it will help me.
  • …you pay your taxes now, right? I mean, you gotta if you planned on going to Europe.
  • How’s Andres? Dice? Everyone? I hope they’re in good hands and with a bright future. Also, I hope we helped them in some way.
  • When you’re sad, remember to look at the photos you printed of our family when we went to places! 😀
  • Remember that you were loved no matter how much life makes you think you’re unlovable. And because you were loved, you are therefore capable of loving.


I don’t know what else to write. But yeah, here’s to hoping we turn out to be a good and financially successful individual.

Happy Birthday to me (and you, of course!)

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