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Eight weeks with Anki to Learn Japanese

Posted in life by Fated Blue on October 5, 2019
Eight weeks using free apps to learn Japanese. I downloaded the rest of the parts of the flashcards and was surprised to find out there were ten parts in total. I’m currently working on two separate parts right now because I feel like I can do it given the free time I have.

In the Kanji writing and vocabulary app Obenkyo, I’m also starting to score decently when it comes to Kanji recognition and meaning. I used to get negative points, but I’m able to get sometimes 18/30 if I’m dealt familiar characters I repeatedly worked with using the previous app.

I’m progressing well, but I fear that I won’t be able to fully be capable of full-on engagement unless I expose myself to real Japanese people.

The vlogger I got inspiration from said it took him a full year before he started using Japanese on autopilot – and he’s living in Japan.

The best I can do is watch jdrama, jmovies, or listen to jmusic or read Japanese Twitter.

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