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Seven weeks with Anki to Learn Japanese

Posted in life by Fated Blue on October 5, 2019

Seven weeks in my Japanese language learning journey with apps.

I’m now able to form proper sentences that are useful for asking directions, choosing what you want to buy, what time you got up, describing the weather, which part of your body hurts, telling someone what you ate today, and how my pet dog got sick and died (yeah, this was an actual example).

I’ve also began to read hiragana better by practicing with Japanese songs with Japanese lyrics as subtitles. I’ve also started using another app called Obenkyo to understand Kanji and vocabulary.

My current hurdles right now are pattern recognition, memorization, and knowing how and when to use particles (or stop characters). Especially in songs, it’s difficult to tell whether a line is over or is connected to the previous one.

I’m thinking of ordering this book by Heisig for Kanji reading, but that won’t be until probably November. I want to have a good conversational grasp first before I start reading well.

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