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Learning Japanese through an app: 17 weeks

Posted in life by Fated Blue on January 5, 2020

It’s 17 weeks since I started learning Japanese from an app and let me tell you, it helped me a lot during our vacation in Sapporo.

I was capable of reading labels (around 50%) without Google translate, I handled short conversations without panicking or looking up words, and I literally helped some tourists from Tokyo find their way to a train station going to a mountain view spot in complete Japanese.

I also Japanese’d my way with taxi drivers and train officers whether it was to describe Sapporo or the weather, or if the train is headed to the airport.

Granted, most of the Japanese I used were either in short bursts/phrases or child-level – plus the fact that when taxi drivers start talking to me in like really long sentences (to which I just respond with “okay” or soudesu ne…) – it just surprised me at how much I knew then compared to before I got started.

All this with a free phone app and 30 minutes a day. Imagine how far I could have gotten if I enrolled in formal schooling.

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