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Opinion: (Pro) Duterte’s 2022 campaign

Posted in politics, Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on February 10, 2020

I’ve been keeping tabs on local news pages, as well groups with political themes and topics. There are still many supporters, but the promise of another pro Duterte presidency grows weaker everyday.

Local news channel TV5 has always been in full support of the admin since the elections, yet it’s slowly changed sides after Ferdinand Marcos was buried as a hero. Now, the news page has become as anti as it could be.

Even their usual pro Duterte followers have shown signs of dissent. Their daily news about what the president says or does are no longer dominated with hearts and smiling faces, but of anger and tears.

TV5 still hates Leni, though, so you can applaud their consistency at least.

There have also been a steady rise of anti-admin pages lately, or perhaps I’m only exposed to them because my friends are mostly anti (or become one).

Regardless, I think the war on drugs was good for the admin from an image pov. Pros and antis were clearly separated by a thick line. However, this government’s consistent China-coddling has caused its current downward spiral.

I’ve seen people who proudly voted for Duterte feel irk and disgust since mid 2019, when the government was no longer hiding their love for Mainlanders. 

Meme pages with not-so-subtle jabs at what the admin does are also the unsung heroes of this “pro before but not anymore” movement. After all, Filipinos are bad in reading comprehension, so images with bolded text worked better than a full-blown, no bs, op-ed.

It’s not even about the deafening silence about the disputes with the West Philippine Sea that made the people turn their backs on Duterte, but rather on issues that they themselves experienced; issues that were closer to home; problems captured using their personal smartphones instead of the “biased” media coverage.

From allowing unchecked Chinese business establishments to propagate across the metro and importing Chinese workers instead of hiring locals, to ignoring the dangers of nCov2019 and making excuses in behalf of the Chinese government.

I also think the fact that this government sent millions of facemasks to where the virus was born (for free) didn’t exactly bode well with the panicking masses. Especially since it wasn’t long ago when people needed facemasks after Taal erupted.

So, I think Duterte needs to be more anti China if he wants his legacy to continue. More importantly, be remembered without being villainized and his persona written off as a discount Marcos.

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