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Pro Duterte Surveys Are Paid By Your Taxes

Posted in politics by Fated Blue on April 8, 2021

Don’t believe every survey that says the admin has earned a high approval rating.

The recent one by Publicus Asia was so sus, I had to look the entire company up. It didn’t take me 5 minutes to find out the owner, Ma. Lourdes Tiquia, is a DDS who has defended each of the president’s actions and speeches c/o Manila Times. It should also be noted that The Manila Times is, at the very least, anti-Yellow with many of their authors vouching for Marcos and Duterte. She was once Binay’s PR aide, but switched coats when PRRD won in 2016.

Lourdes established Publicus as a “survey firm” but really, it’s just a PR company for Duterte. Their surveys were probably scripted at the very least, asking only those who are loyal if they asked anyone at all. So yeah, don’t let the surveys make you think who the real governing parties are.

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