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A recurring jolt of pain at the center of my chest

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When I’m alone, somehow thoughts of a “special” someone crash open the gates of my otherwise barricaded subconsciousness. And my thoughts tell me that she’s out there, waiting for something extraordinary to happen to her.

And while she waits, she’ll suffer on the inside as she stays strong on the outside, holding everyone’s shit together like they’re hers.

This happens a lot at night, even more when no one’s at home, especially when I’m listening to some sad Japanese songs during the day.

I feel like she’s waiting for me, and that I should go to her.

…and listening to Aimer makes me feel like she’s in Japan.

I’m just…bothered. I’m almost 30 years old as of this writing (literally three days away), and I’m having an existential crisis manifesting itself as an emotional longing for someone with a similar fate, with the same playing cards I have in life.

Is this temporary? Is this triggered by the breaking of the 30-year barrier? Is this thought valid both mentally and emotionally?

I don’t know. All I know is, right now I feel like she’s waiting for me, and my heart longs for her.

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Four weeks with Anki to learn Japanese

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It’s been exactly one month since I started using the AnkiDroid app to learn Japanese. My daily routine for 30 days consist of learning right after I wake up, then reviewing the words and phrases I’ve learned around 4 or 5 pm and just before I sleep. It takes roughly an hour in total everyday. Sometimes slightly more.

Granted I would have learned more in an actual school with actual books and classmates, the fact that the app is free and can easily be accessed without internet (just download the “lessons”), I say the app really does the job.


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Week 2 with Anki to learn Japanese

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Two weeks in with the Anki app to learn Japanese. The main problem I have right now is knowing whether a kanji character is supposed to be spoken/read the same way in various phrases and sentences.

The character “ima” (currently/now) is used in the beginning for both kotoshi (this year) and kesa (this morning).

Then the kanji for home (pronounced as u-chi) can also be pronounced/read as “ie” if the meaning is “house.”

I’m trying to find a pattern here (noting if the pronunciation is different if it starts the phrase or is in the middle), but it’s really tough.

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My first week with Anki to learn Japanese

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Okay, so I’ve been using this app called Anki (free on Android) to learn conversational Japanese for six days now and I realized learning the language is not as hard as I imagined it.

I got the app idea from this popular JVlogger Chris Broad from his channel “Abroad in Japan” (I definitely recommend it btw) and it really helps with some basic stuff. If you’re interested, go get the “Japanese Core 2000 Step 01” that comes with listening, sentences, reading, and vocabulary.


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Cruelty By Fated Blue

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It was drizzling atop the mountain
Where God stood to greet himself.
I was praying for success and happiness,
For patience and strength.
No prayers for you yet you were there.
Drenched, fatigued, and with muddy, muddy shoes.

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Book Review: Si by Bob Ong

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I purchased this book simply because it was a Bob Ong book. I’ve read all his works and I’ve done one review for his previous book.

I have so little to say because the book was simple enough to be easily understood. This book, in its purest form, was all about meeting one’s destiny. It also highlighted a few historical events in the country but in the end it was all about the power of love and how it can always make the most heartfelt of wishes come true.


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Robina Gokongwei-Pe On Economics, Kidnapping, Chinoys and Business

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I miss working for the Gokongwei family. I’ve yet to see a better managed company. Ms. Robina’s speech is something worth remembering.

The Critical Thinker(tm)


Here’s an excerpt from a speech given by Ms. Robina Gokongwei-Pe to the students of the UP School of Economics. Interesting insights on business, economics, and life as a Chinese-Filipino and entrepreneur in the Philippines:

The first theory is the ubiquitous law of supply and demand. The reason I failed to graduate from UP was that I was kidnapped on the way to school in September 1981, and guess what, right on the day I was supposed to take Prof. Canlas’ exams. 

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