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Cruelty By Fated Blue

Posted in life, Uncategorized by Fated Blue on February 7, 2016

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It was drizzling atop the mountain
Where God stood to greet himself.
I was praying for success and happiness,
For patience and strength.
No prayers for you yet you were there.
Drenched, fatigued, and with muddy, muddy shoes.

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Book Review: Si by Bob Ong

Posted in Uncategorized by Fated Blue on June 7, 2015

I purchased this book simply because it was a Bob Ong book. I’ve read all his works and I’ve done one review for his previous book.

I have so little to say because the book was simple enough to be easily understood. This book, in its purest form, was all about meeting one’s destiny. It also highlighted a few historical events in the country but in the end it was all about the power of love and how it can always make the most heartfelt of wishes come true.


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Robina Gokongwei-Pe On Economics, Kidnapping, Chinoys and Business

Posted in Uncategorized by Fated Blue on March 26, 2015

I miss working for the Gokongwei family. I’ve yet to see a better managed company. Ms. Robina’s speech is something worth remembering.

The Critical Thinker(tm)


Here’s an excerpt from a speech given by Ms. Robina Gokongwei-Pe to the students of the UP School of Economics. Interesting insights on business, economics, and life as a Chinese-Filipino and entrepreneur in the Philippines:

The first theory is the ubiquitous law of supply and demand. The reason I failed to graduate from UP was that I was kidnapped on the way to school in September 1981, and guess what, right on the day I was supposed to take Prof. Canlas’ exams. 

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Day 10 – 10k10days

Posted in Uncategorized by Fated Blue on August 11, 2014

Whitlock Fitness

10000 10000 swings

10106 swings done in 10 days.

So I threw in a few extra today to make sure.

A little bit of a write up coming tomorrow…thanks for clicking and reading.

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Four must-do exercises that your not doing…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Fated Blue on July 20, 2014

Thoughts for the day...

For the years that i have always tried taking a “shortcut”, a “smarter” way of “training less to grow more”, or just plain balls to walls training old skool style….i jus can’t seem to figure out what would be the most valuable training movements that most of us should do, if you even lift that is(yes you know who you are). Now that i am much older, wiser, more aware of the consequences of certain actions aaaand most importantly i have made it to where i am with least amounts of injury (well not major ones at least). The four list that i chose has specifics in them that allows one to improve in many areas as well as a high carry over to most things in life let alone a sporting activity(Functional). If you want to improve your testosterone, increase GH levels, burn fats, improve mobility, improve mobility, look…

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Kettlebells: Become a Greek God or Goddess in 15 minutes or less

Posted in Uncategorized by Fated Blue on July 18, 2014

Ministry of Lean

Kettlebells are the ultimate exercise tool. If there was once piece of exercise equipment that could replace everything else in a gym, it is a kettlebell. No other tool can accelerate your heart rate, torch fat and tone every muscle faster, more efficiently and in less time, than a kettlebell. Three or four 15 minute workouts a week are all you need to get in fantastic shape.

For today’s busy professional , 15 minutes is often all one can accommodate for fitting in a workout during the day. A kettlebell workout makes 100% use of these 15 minutes. What was it that the oft forgotten italian economist Vilfredo Pareto once said? “80% of the results come from 20% of the effort?” Well kettlebells turn this principle on its head.. Think more like 100% of the results come from 100% of the effort .

What is a kettlebell ?

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Working Out Shouldn’t Suck

Posted in Uncategorized by Fated Blue on July 17, 2014

The Kettlebell Fairy

Everyone thinks that working out and losing weight should be a miserable activity. We should go to the gym, feel the burn, and leave soaked in sweat and slightly nauseated. 

Most people even classify a “tough workout” as one that leaves you unable to move for the next three days or one that results in throwing up or bleeding. I think the main reason for tumblr_m54orvFGpm1r566gro1_500that is shows like The Biggest Loser, where people are worked until they’re sick or in pain. It makes for better television, but it’s not healthy in the long term.

As someone who likes to be comfortable, I’ve never much liked this mentality, but for a while, I sort of believed it myself. I would run on the treadmill even though it was the most boring and painful thing that I could possible force myself to do, all for the sake of a “tough workout”.

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