The 9th Soul

My Love For Kettlebell and Fitness

This page is specifically meant for my kettlebell and fitness blogs. I tried arranging it from most recent to oldest.

Modifying My Kettlebell Program

Taking it slow but sure

Bumps into my program this December

Two months into my program

One month into my program

Creating My Own Kettlebell Program

Kettlebell Routine Of The Week: An Alternative To The Armor Building Complex

Kettlebell Complex To Reinforce Upper Body Strength

Details of my 30 minute kettlebell workout

Toughest Kettlebell Complex I’ve Ever Created: Fibonacci’s Fat Burner 2.0

Strengthening Cleans And Pistols

My Latest Kettlebell Creation: Godzilla’s Armor Building Complex

Double Kettlebell Front Squat Achievement: 140 lb!

Fat Burning “Fibonacci” Kettlebell Complex

Kettlebell Burpees: A Pretty Cool Workout When You Want Something Different

One Week Of No Kettlebells Due To Hand Injury

New Kettlebell Routines

Sprinting And High-Knee Running: Half Cardio, Half Leg Torture

Minor Back Injury Workout

Back to Basics: Single Kettlebell Workout with Push-ups

Happy New Year Exercise: Kettlebells and Running

New Pair Of Kettlebells For Christmas!!!


My workout scheme for the past month

Yo! Elliot

My New Kettlebell Habit: 10×10 Front Squat


I Finished My 5,000 Kettlebell Swings Training

Doing 5,000 Kettlebell Swings In Less Than A Month

I’m loving this really weird Push-up

You don’t need other weights but your own.

My Ultimate Kettlebell Workout Guide!

What I see when I run; letting my guard down

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