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Book Review: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Posted in entertainment, politics by Fated Blue on January 19, 2014

I’ve read about this book in this forum and the plot piqued my interest. I”m not an avid fan of Neil Gaiman but I have known the author due to his mainstream popularity. I actually bought this book out of the mere thought that I was destined to have this book. Don’t start with the “LOL you’re crazy” statement with me yet. I actually saw this book amongst a pile of unwanted books. It wasn’t on sale or anything but it was unbelievably priced low. It was the only book left as I skimmed through the whole bookstore and since I’ve read good reviews about this I figured it was destiny that brought me and this book together.

Anyway, as for the review, I won’t give out spoilers from the book. If anything, I’ll merely put in a good quote or two so don’t worry about it. But if you’re looking to see whether you have to buy this book or not then I’m telling you to go do it. It’s a must read for voracious readers.

The plot is quite simple: It’s simply about a war that is soon to breakout between the old and forgotten gods vs the gods America has made. The old gods are those whom the settlers brought with them and the new gods are those America has created such as the god of the internet or the god of media. A war is set to break and only one side will prevail. The main protagonist, Shadow, is stuck in the middle and he doesn’t even know why he’s chosen by the old gods or why the new gods want him on their side instead.

But that’s where the simplicity ends and Neil’s magic begins. To tell the truth, the story goes on like that for the most part. I’m not diving in deeper but I assure you that Neil is a very good writer even if it looks like he’s suddenly taken a detour away from the plot. Trust me when I tell you that everything makes sense in the end. And by the “END” I mean like the very last few chapters. You’re literally filled with questions and you end up thinking you’ll find out in the next page or the page after that and soon you end up finishing a chapter and eager to start with the new. It’s very intriguing in a very interesting sort of way. You don’t end up lacking in facts but at the same time the book doesn’t tell you everything. You want to think for yourself and even do your own research on some characters or why this god behaves this way and such. It keeps you motivated to read the book and curiosity in books is what keeps the story alive.