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“Two-Face” Cat Lives 12 years!

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New Species Discovered on a Volcano in Papua New Guinea

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A team of scientists from Britain, the United States and Papua New Guinea found more than 40 previously unidentified species when they climbed into the kilometre-deep crater of Mount Bosavi and explored a pristine jungle habitat teeming with life that has evolved in isolation since the volcano last erupted 200,000 years ago. In a remarkably rich haul from just five weeks of exploration, the biologists discovered 16 frogs which have never before been recorded by science, at least three new fish, a new bat and a giant rat, which may turn out to be the biggest in the world.

Here’s the “Giant Rat”

We will soon need a bigger mouse trap

We will soon need a bigger mouse trap

A giant rat…it actually rivals our current largest rodent, the Capybara

And FANGED FROGS?! OMG! Vampire frogs FTW!