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I cried in front of the vet today.

Posted in health, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on March 19, 2011

I took Potchi to the vet for the first time because of her sudden illness that’s been eating her since Thursday morning, March 17 2011. But as with all diseases, nothing is really “sudden”; it just took it’s time becoming deadly.

I first attempted to walk her to the vet, despite her lethargic state, only to find out that she was simply intolerant of any form of exercise; even walking was too hard for her. Seeing a few blocks made her want to stop and go back home (which is very unusual because she is usually very eager to get out of the house and run around the block like some mad dog), I rented a tricycle driver to take us to the village vet. I went and borrowed money from my brother before we left. P 2050.00 to be exact.