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How can India and Africa collaborate to co-create a brighter future?

Posted in science, technology by Fated Blue on April 9, 2013

Regal and captivating in their own harmony, India and Africa vary in a lot of ways. India with its changing scenery and a huge diversity of people and environment can be associated to the entire land mass of Africa. India being a rising nation itself along with comparable and lower paced African nations faces colossal hurdles in the path of preserving the environment. But the cumulative need have urged the focus in the direction of the shared goal and teamwork with healthy competition can go a long way in making sure that the forthcoming generations are not dispossessed of the wealth of Mother Nature.

India and Africa have together industrialized and continued a long standing ancient connection. These resemblances were a consequence of having communal lands, climate and environs and they exist till date. There are indications of racial likenesses between Dravidians of India and African races. There are animal classes- both land-dwelling and deep-sea that are found wholly in and round these lands and there are landforms in the two regions that share comparisons that are hard to disregard. The two traditionally rich land masses have been cooperating since thousands of years through trade roads that occurred long ago and have once diversified up to a degree that the group if invigorated now can lead to very industrious accomplishments in expansion. The two countries have been allies in the fight against colonialism. Africa at the present shares developmental targets with India, as the two share difficulties and concerns as a product of vast resemblances. The two lively democracies own an intercontinental standing and there is massive potential if a shared future is directed.

The world currently is provoked with host of ecological matters which desires a critical reflection. Ecological issues cut across landmasses and do not only touch parts of the world where they are instigated but have a multiplier effects across the globe. There is consequently the superseding necessity to preserve the environment to defend humankind and other living creatures.

The following are present conservational issues and possible intercession that India and African states can institute to help address ecological issues.