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Creating My Own Kettlebell Program

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on September 29, 2014

[Check this out for the upgraded/modified version]

I’ve been doing a lot of workouts with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises and I figured it’s time I do something similar to a program. I’ve been just usually doing complexes on random occasions with little to no patterns involved. At most, I’ve been repeating two or three workouts on random days and that’s about as organized a program as I got. I’ve got a goal and I have to maintain my view on that goal. That goal is to become stronger and right now my definition of getting stronger is to lift a pair of 32 kg kettlebells effortlessly. I decided it just this Sunday morning but I’m pretty sure I dreamt about it numerous times before. I’ll be condensing it for 20 minutes give or take so rest times will just have to be short but sweet. Wish me luck 😀


Kettlebell Routine Of The Week: An Alternative To The Armor Building Complex

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on September 21, 2014

I had this one in my head since last night. As a background, I still can’t strictly press a single 32kg bell without giving it a bit of a jerk. I’ve gotten better at it compared to last time but I still find it difficult to do nonetheless. The armor building complex usually composes of two kettlebells (but a single kettlebell version exists) and I still want to do something similar to that complex with my 32s. So below I’ve conjured up a ballistic version of it. The routine goes like this:

2 Double Kettlebell Swings

1 Double Kettlebell Clean

3 Double Kettlebell Squats

That’s it. Simple, effective, and most importantly, fat burning. Do around 6 rounds with the heaviest pair of kettlebells that you can clean and squat in less than 10 minutes. I was able to do this in less than 8 minutes but I decided to go the distance and perform 10 sets of this complex. I then finished with a 10 x 3 of strict push ups.

UPDATE December 18 2014 1239:

2 x double kettlebell cleans

1 x jerk per arm (while two kettlebells are in the rack position)

3 x double kettlebell front squat

Kettlebell Complex To Reinforce Upper Body Strength

Posted in health by Fated Blue on August 21, 2014

I’m not totally owning this complex but I just had to try this one out since I began thinking about it last night. I simply wanted to improve my cleans but at the same improve my arm strength. I can’t afford to strictly press my 32kg yet so I figured bent over rows would do nicely.

The complex goes like this:


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Toughest Kettlebell Complex I’ve Ever Created: Fibonacci’s Fat Burner 2.0

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on July 19, 2014

So I was experimenting with my 24 kg pair and as of this writing I still suck at performing double snatches with them. In fact, I can’t even perform a continuous/uninterrupted double snatch and I have to get by racking them in place before I swing them down and snatch them back up again. Last night I realized maybe it’s time I get better at them and the only way to get better at something is to know how to do them and actually doing them.

I’ve done a Fibonacci Complex before but this one simply takes the cake for being the toughest complex I’ve ever created (for a pair of 24 kg; for a pair of 32 kg, that’s another question) and I’m naming it the Fibonnaci Fat Burner 2.0 based on the infamous Fibonacci sequence. (more…)

My Latest Kettlebell Creation: Godzilla’s Armor Building Complex

Posted in health, youtube shows by Fated Blue on July 5, 2014

I’ve been playing with my 24 kg kettlebells with Dan John’s Armor Building Complex and Pat Flynn’s Godzilla Complex. Both are extremely efficient at fat burning and muscle building and both will definitely strengthen your body as a whole. I’ve done both for weeks on end, alternating them on a daily basis.

So I figured, since I’m now including a pair of 32 kg bells in my workout schedule, I might as well try and combine the two.

One set would look like this:

2 double cleans

1 strict double military press

3 double front squats

1 double kettlebell lunge per leg

1 military press  per arm


Fat Burning “Fibonacci” Kettlebell Complex

Posted in health, youtube shows by Fated Blue on June 1, 2014

I wanted to spice things up on my weekends so I decided to invent my own little complex based on the ever popular(?) Fibonacci Sequence earlier today.

I take this inspiration from Pat Flynn’s Sequential Dismay. There are two versions of this as of this writing and below are the official videos. Note how Pat uses snatches and his friend uses the one from the blog.



Bonus: Pat Flynn’s Sequential dismay (both versions) using two kettlebells performed by this guy.




New Kettlebell Routines

Posted in health by Fated Blue on March 15, 2014

I’ve been experimenting with new kettlebell complexes lately. I’ve come up with three, actually, and they’re all good.