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Rest in Peace, Space Man: Neil Armstrong is dead at 82

Posted in health defects, science by Fated Blue on August 26, 2012


Thank you for landing on the Moon for us.

Armstrong died Saturday from complications relating to heart surgery. He was 82.

My favorite astronaut 😦 And my mom named my brother after him! Farewell and have a safe trip on your way out there where not even light can reach. Thank you very much!





Osama Bin Laden is “dead”; LOL at OBAMA Bin Laden is dead on Fox!

Posted in politics, security by Fated Blue on May 2, 2011

So you probably have read or heard it somewhere. Americans go celebrate this “event” and may proceed to renew their drunken state for a few weeks via parties and nothing but sex, sex, and more sex.

I’m not here to say I’m a skeptic and shit but I just hope it’s not one of those “he’s really alive but we’d like to say he’s dead because we’re doing inhumane things to him to reveal WMDs and secret plans and stuff” conspiracies.

And have you heard about Fox’s recent typo accident?

In any case, may those who died from 10 years ago may finally be put to rest.

Johnny Delgado, Dead at 61. Lymphoma.

Posted in entertainment, health, health defects by Fated Blue on November 19, 2009

From PEP.

Veteran actor Johnny Delgado passed away today, November 19, after a long battle with lymphoma, or cancer of the immune system.

 According to a Twitter post by director Laurenti Dyogi, actor Ping Medina, and several of his friends in the industry, Delgado breathed his last at 1:20 p.m.

 “Tatang johnny delgado passed away at 1:20pm, let’s pray for hs eternal repose.I worked wd him in kay tagal kang hinintay. Wonderful person,” said Dyogi in his Twitter account.

I loved him during the days of “Mga Anghel na Walang Langit”. May his souls find rest.