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Les Miserables Manila 2016 – Worth Every Second And Every Cent

Posted in entertainment, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on March 19, 2016


Les Miserables Manila is definitely worth the price and traffic. The effects and props are what you would expect from an international performance group. I love this novel and I would definitely watch it again and again and again. I’ve been wanting to watch it since I read the unabridged book some 10 or so years ago as well as watch the film four years back. The story still drives me to a sort of lonely guilt that I just love feeling.

I purchased the tickets without knowing who the heck played who because this was the first time Les Mis would be in the Philippines. I booked VIP on opening day and chose the best seat in the house which was right in the center without being too close or too far; just right to see, hear, and even feel everything.


Filipino Cosplaying Reflection 2014

Posted in entertainment, Random by Fated Blue on December 28, 2014

It’s been a while since I went to a cosplay event. I think it’s been six years as an actual goer and three or four years as someone “just dropping by”. And today I just happened to stumble upon one.

I only knew about the cosplay event at SM Megamall earlier this morning as I was browsing Facebook. It was actually from a rant at how there were too many people with too little space to go around (and Megamall is as spacious as it could get when it comes to events) and there was this picture that was like a photograph of a dystopian future wherein overpopulation has become the world’s greatest enemy.

I didn’t go there on purpose; mother had a few thousand pesos worth of SM gift-checks and we had to use them before the expiration date. The event used, I think, all three of the trade halls with one mainly for the cosplayer’s only lounge (i.e. a big empty room). The three trade halls were pretty big (but not as big as SMX’s) but they still seemed unable to contain the whole event as usual. They, the cosplayers, even moved to towards the skating rink and for good reason too. The area is less dense, cooler, and has fresher air than anywhere within 10 meters of the trade halls.


It wasn’t until I was wondering around ’til I saw the reason for the whole density of the attendees: The event was OzineFest, considered one of the major cosplay events in the country, rivaled only by ToyCon in sheer number of both participants and audience.

Needless to say, I was there to just take a look at what happened after our generation left the cosplay scene. As I wrote about it in my notrious cosplay-related blog, I practically all but lost hope for Filipino cosplaying. After witnessing today’s events, which I’m sure wasn’t as worse as it was yesterday (because cosplay-people, whether fan or cosplayer, usually go to these events on Saturdays), I still stand by what I wrote.



Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on September 13, 2014

“May iba pa ba?”

Tinanong nya ‘ko habang nagsusuot ako ng pantalong pilit nyang pinatanggal sa’kin kanina lang. Kasalukuyan syang nakaupo sa kama nya, kumot lang ang saplot. Nauwi kami sa condo nya sa Makati. Di ko pa mahanap yung polo kong nabuhusan ng alak gawa ng inuman namin ngayong gabi.

“Oo, pero ikaw ang una. Bakit?”

Tila nagpakita ng bahid ng kalungkutan ang mukha nyang sanay sa ngiti. Marahil ito ay dulot ng pagkadismaya sa pagkadiretso ng sagot ko sa kanya.

“Ah, ganun ba,” sabi nya “Pero lahat ba sila tulad ko?”

“Panung tulad mo?” Napatigil ako sa pagbibihis ko. Naupo ako sa tabi nya, sabay haplos sa hubad nyang mga balikat. Ramdam ko ang tensyon at ang pinanggagalingan ng mga tanong nya pero di ko alam kung dapat nga ba akong sumagot.

Dahan-dahan syang tumingin sa mga mata ko habang hawak ang kamay ko sa balikat nya. “Mga tulad ko na may boyfriend na o kaya malapit na ikasal. Yung ibang babae rin ba, ganun din?”


Rainy week: Flooding at the gates due to Maring and Monsoon Rains

Posted in life, weather by Fated Blue on August 20, 2013

You know how everything gets fucked up by the rain? Well, the country’s being plagued by one right now and this is achingly similar to Ondoy. It’s actually very scary. People all over Facebook and Twitter have been stating how everywhere is flooded and all that. It’s crazy that even where I am, where flooding isn’t really usual, the water’s actually just reached the garage floors. It even leveled with the sidewalk now. I can only imagine what it’s like for others specially those who have no homes or bad sewage systems.


Philippines Named ‘Most Stupid Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator’ by Time Magazine

Posted in entertainment, internet news, politics by Fated Blue on May 14, 2013

Philippines Named ‘Most Stupid Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator’ by Time Magazine.

Ugh. Just read the whole story. It’s a shame the country voted someone knowing she hasn’t the experience. The only good thing that will come out of this is that she’ll be forced to actually exceed what is expected of her. And what is expected of her but to fail the senate game.

Book Review: Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin by Bob Ong

Posted in entertainment, life by Fated Blue on January 1, 2012

Bob Ong's latest novel

Let’s start the year right: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! I went out early this morning (0520) for a good round of jogging. It’s funny because I’m pretty sure the fireworks and all the banging kept me up until 0100 but my body still managed to wake up 20 minutes before the alarm went off (0420).

I guess my Circadian Rhythm never fails to be consistent with regards to having just enough sleep which usually ranges from 6-7 hours.

Now on with the review. In this article, I’ll be talking about the Filipino pop culture favorite’s new book.


On Filipino cosplaying and how ugly it is now

Posted in life, Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on January 29, 2011

I miss the days when knowledge of cosplay or cosplay events in the country was limited to a select few. Yeah, I’m feeling a bit selfish but only because having it appear mainstream has so far, in my opinion, degraded cosplaying as a hobby and promoted it as a stepping stone to media popularity. Not to mention the fact that it somehow promotes the rampant perversion of the hobby. I also disapprove the fact that women (minor or adult) readily pose provocatively just so a pervert with a DSLR (who thinks he’s a photographer) can do “opportunistic” shots of that certain scantily clad female cosplayer. And the worst part of it all is that the “victim” doesn’t mind it at all; as if completely unaware.