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One Week Of No Kettlebells Due To Hand Injury

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on May 18, 2014

I just got back from a week of workout without kettlebells. If you’ve been reading me for some time, you must know how much I love my kettlebells. The reason is due to me drying my hands and kettlebells too much which caused my grip to harden and the friction of the workout (double swinging a pair of 32s) to cause some of my calluses to explode. Like, skin flaying and blood and all that messed up image in your head right now.

I wanted to take a picture but I’m not one to boast of my stupidity unless I feel like it and knowing I wouldn’t be able to use my equipment for a set period of time didn’t make me feel posting anything about it at all.

I got the injury last Sunday evening. I had an early morning workout but I felt like I can do 100 double swings before I finally call it a day. The temperature in the city rose up to 36.5 C or 97.7 F and my palms were sweaty before I even started. For the common swinger, sweaty palms may cause accidents when double swinging since you can literally let go of the kettlebell/s due to a loose grip and destroy anything it might hit or worse injure an innocent bystander. I used a bunch of tissue paper on my hands and wiped my kettlebells after 10 swings (10 x 10 workout). At the 6th set, though, I felt my hands were too dry and the handles on the kettlebells becoming warmer. I figured this was natural since I’m holding it and the swings definitely produce heat. What I neglected, and I swear I’d hit my past self on the head if I can go back in time, was that swinging kettlebells involve having a little loose grip at its apex (which is at about stomach to chest height; the crossfit swing doesn’t count) to allow the bells to swing efficiently without damaging your hands. I simply lost that simple thought after years of training and before I knew it, both my hands had some skin flapping in the air as I waved it around. And oh, it had some serious blood spurting out too.