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Mr. Trololo is gone :(

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The Next Galaxy! Samsung announces it’s most powerful warrior yet!

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I saw this on PEX and the whole trailer was just cool:

Samsung Galaxy S3: Exynos 4 Quad Chip Promises a Speed Demon

For the first time, Samsung has provided some information about what its upcoming flagship device – Galaxy S3 – is going to boast. Samsung has rolled out its new speed demon – the Exynos 4 Quad processor chip – that the company has confirmed will power its next Galaxy smartphone scheduled for launch on May 3.

The new chip is designed to give a superior performance and power efficiency. Folks at Samsung claim that the Exynos 4 Quad processor will support clock speeds higher than 1.4 GHz. This statement also coincides with the rumored spec that Galaxy S3 will support quad-core 1.5 GHz Exynos processor.

Thanks to the 32 nanometer manufacturing process, the new silicon will save 20 percent more power than its predecessor (45-nanometer). For more power saving, it will have option to turn off each core whenever not required.

Here’s the official site!

I’m gonna save up to buy this for my birthday! 😀

Google’s ZERG RUSH

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I got this off 4chan!

‎1. Go to
2. Type in ZERG RUSH
3. Click Search
4. ???
5. Profit!

Just click and click until it finishes 🙂

Dave Grohl responds to critics about his acceptance speech

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The Foo Fighters won the recently concluded 54th Grammy awards, bagging the “Grammy for Best Rock Performance” as seen below:

Best Rock Performance season 54!

[Photo courtesy of ABC Australia]


SOPA is postponed until further notice

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From Mashable

Lamar Smith, the chief sponsor of SOPA, said on Friday that he is pulling the bill “until there is wider agreement on a solution.”

“I have heard from the critics and I take seriously their concerns regarding proposed legislation to address the problem of online piracy,” Smith (R-Texas) said. “It is clear that we need to revisit the approach on how best to address the problem of foreign thieves that steal and sell American inventions and products.”


It has begun: Megaupload is officially shut down, Owner arrested

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 One of the world’s most popular file-sharing sites was shut down, and its founder and several company officials were accused of facilitating millions of illegal downloads of films, music and other content.

A federal indictment Thursday accused of costing copyright holders at least $500 million in lost revenue. The indictment was unsealed one day after websites including Wikipedia and Craigslist shut down in protest of two congressional proposals intended to make it easier for authorities to go after sites with pirated material, especially those with overseas headquarters and servers.

Guys, we shouldn’t be scared. I saw this post on 9gag which has this pic (more…)

SOPA Protests

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Image courtesy of Internet-D

So what the fuck is SOPA? It’s practically a bill that threatens to empower the U.S. government to stop or take down sites that have certain copyright issues with them for those sites that are based in the U.S.

Why the fuck should you care? Well, wordpress, for instance, is based in the U.S. The same goes for Youtube, Yahoo, and yes, Google.

Want a better explanation? Here’s a link from one of the major websites that have already begun its protest. And I’m sure you use that site A LOT. Would you, a common user, want Wikipedia to VANISH?

Heck, even Google is preparing retaliation.


For those who frequent CNET, here’s their take on it.

As for me? The bill, as I’ve yet to read it myself, is really touching the very sensitive part of internet users. The bill, as many have stated, is quite vague with regards to what is copyrighted and what is to be censored.

And it could be anything.