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Kettlebell Burpees: A Pretty Cool Workout When You Want Something Different

Posted in health, life, youtube shows by Fated Blue on May 25, 2014

I’ve been experimenting with a whole roster of movements for my kettlebell workouts and it wasn’t until my recent detour from kettlebell training did I realize that I forgot one workout that I found very, very good for fat burning and a pretty sweet cardio. I’ve performed this type of workout before, using lighter kettlebells, and I’ve used them as part of a very long complex. It’s called the kettlebell burpee.

Now you may simply do a Google search and you’ll find a whole bunch of other videos of which you might mistake as the kettlebell burpee but not really. Although this is just me sticking to what a burpee should look like with kettlebells.


The Almighty Kettlebell

Posted in health by Fated Blue on May 1, 2013

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One of the most recent trends taking over the fitness world and putting your old 5 pound dumbbells to shame is the kettlebell, or as I like to call it the “almighty kettlebell.”  Why have I awarded it such a powerful name?  Well, because it requires power to use it and this power comes from where… you guessed it!  Your muscles!  In summary, the kettlebell is a great tool for building muscle while burning maximum calories!  And let’s face it, if you’re not burning any calories, then what’s the point?

Even though this powerful little bell has recently exploded, it’s actually not that new.  It’s just new to the majority of us who don’t know the history of every piece of fitness equipment we invest in.  I mean, who actually buys a skipping rope and then goes home and researches it for an hour on the internet, when you could…

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Common errors of the Kettlebell Swing

Posted in health by Fated Blue on April 28, 2013

When you think of Kettlebells the first exercise you think of is the swing. The kettlebell swing is often referred to as the perfect exercise. It’s safer on your lower back than a lot of other traditional resistance exercises such as deadlifts and good morning. For those looking to strengthen their lower back and unable to use these traditional exercises I’d always recommend a swing.

However more recently I’ve noticed the vast majority of people aren’t quite getting it right.

The swing is not a squat, It’s a dynamic snap of the hips or hinge movement. A squat has maximum knee and hip bend or displacement (up down movement) where as a hinge swing or deadlift has minimum knee and maximum hip bend or displacement (forward back movement).

A lot of the time I see people squatting to absorb the weight of the Kettlebell, rather than sitting the hips back…

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My Ultimate Kettlebell Workout Guide!

Posted in health, life, Special posts, sports by Fated Blue on December 25, 2012

I’ve been using a pair of Kettlebells for more than a year now and I think it’s time I write my review at the same time my own guide for those who may be interested. First off, what exactly is a kettlebell? Well for starters it’s basically a bowling ball with a handle. History says it hails from Russian farms and was used as a weight-thing. Some famous Russian guy named Pavel brought it to the U.S. and voila! The trend has since started.

Here would be questions you may be wondering right now:

“Is this good in losing weight/burning fat?”

A most definite yes. Kettlebells promote aerobic and anaerobic activity in just a few minutes and yes it also burns fat at a more rapid rate than most traditional training. Kettlebells offer a variety of exercises, sets, and a bunch of circuits which can also be paired with non-kettlebell training but is also just as good on its own.

And as a testimony, kettlebell training helped me not only to lose weight (with a dedicated healthy diet), but to burn the unnecessary fat in my body therefore converting them to muscle. I have a friend who’s pretty heavy with a big fat belly and he was shocked to find out that we weigh the same (80 kg). How can he look so BIG and me so lean? Fat is lighter than muscle and is more voluminous. Its density is less than muscle tissue which makes really fat people look like giant balls of lard. I’m not saying he’s one but a few more of those quarter-pounders and he may well be on his way.

“Why would I use a pair of kettlebells over pairs of dumbbells or the barbell?”

Kettlebells train the body in a holistic manner meaning most of its exercises utilizes more than three  muscle groups at a time. Form this point on, I’d like to say the dumbbell is the easier version of a kettlebell and the barbell a somewhat distant cousin.

Why is the dumbbell easier? A basic dumbbell is balanced on two sides while a kettlebell is typically heavy on one end. Dumbbells and kettlebells share similar exercises but overall, the kettlebell takes the cake if we are to go for difficulty and results. Because the kettlebell’s weight is not equally distributed, it takes more effort at controlling or carrying it therefore making the hand, grip, and forearm already stronger than they would be if you used a dumbbell of the same weight.

Barbells and Kettlebells are both good at strength training but in terms of muscle building, in all honesty, barbells take the lead. Barbells were simply made for muscle building.  But barbells have limited holistic exercises and provide little benefits to the lower body than with a good pair of kettlebells. And as for fat burning and metabolic training, training that enhances the metabolism in a short period of time, kettlebells win it. Kettlebells combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises which can be attributed to HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. Kettlebell training also mimic everyday movements which benefits you even more functionally than a dumbbell or a barbell could.

And oh, I’ve compared and I find kettlebell training much more fun than the other two.

“I’m a beginner and I want to try. How heavy should I go for?”

It all depends on how much you can carry, really. For starters, don’t use a pair. Just master one kettlebell at first. A good starting weight for men would be 16 kg or roughly 35 lb while women may start with around 10 kg or roughly 22 lb. It’s all about feeling comfortable with the weight. Too light may mean little benefits and too heavy may mean serious injuries. It’s like regular lifting where your aim is either to get stronger or simply burn excess fat. In a nutshell, a light pair for extended periods of time is more on fat burning while a heavy pair with short repetitions is for strength training (and of course, fat burning).

“Will they fit inside my room?”

Kettlebells aren’t all that big and the weight variances aren’t so huge that they would be larger than car wheels (regular sedans, not monster trucks). They’re just like bigger versions of dumbbells. And they don’t need any accessory to use them unlike the barbell which needs an oly bar.

“What exercises should I do?”

Here is the fun part. I’ll tell you a bunch of basic moves coupled with videos so it won’t be that hard to imagine how they’re done. Before I get started, let me remind you that PROPER FORM is of utmost importance. A wrong form can mean either a little muscle strain or the end of a normal life. I kid you not.