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The Vigilant Citizen: A site for “hidden symbols in mainstream media” fans

Posted in entertainment, science by Fated Blue on January 2, 2010


Okay so I was browsing a couple of forums and one particular thread spiked my interest when it discussed something about how the Hollywood music industry is, for some reason, making songs and videos that are full of symbols. Some even as far as near “Satanic”.

Here’s the original thread. It’s in Filipino so pardon if you can’t understand.

Anyway, here’s one of the really interesting ones. It talks about Lady Gaga’s latest video “Bad Romance”. Although I have already known that creative videos like this are full of symbols, I never considered it to be Satanic in nature. As the owner of the website states:

Right away, it is obvious that the love that Gaga is seeking is wrong and sick. She’s a sex slave and apparently, she likes it. She knows that the industry is ugly but she still wants in. There is an obvious sense of sadomasochism, as she seems to know that this love (of success in the music industry) will hurt her and treat her badly, but she’s up for it. As we will examine in the video, there is also a spiritual meaning to the lyrics where fame equals submitting to the dark, satanic side of the music industry. In other words, the song is also about submitting to evil and the imagery of the video corroborates this fact.