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Details of my 30 minute kettlebell workout

Posted in health, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on August 2, 2014

I was particularly in the mood to push my usual workout time to 30 minutes rather than my usual 20. It may not seem much for most people but those that know how it is to train with kettlebells will definitely feel the difficulty of adding 50% more time than usual. I guess it had something to do with me eating a whole bunch of Pancit Malabon and Chicken Drumsticks from yesterday’s 4:00 PM birthday celebration.

It looks small but underneath the Pancit strands are 4 pairs of chicken legs. PAIRS, GODDAMMIT, PAIRS!


Emphasis on 4:00 PM meaning I ate a truckload of food hours before my day was up. That would be both a dietician’s and a bodybuilder’s nightmare. When I carried it off to a nearby table, I was pretty sure it weighed more than 600 grams. I’m not sure how much calories that would translate to but I’m pretty sure it was not less than 1000. I mean, I seriously ate more than enough carbs, fats, and cholesterol in one big serving to give me enough energy to last me 24 hours with only water. I wanted the excess energy to get out of my system and I also had the day to myself mostly so I couldn’t really lose.

I’ll be giving this one in detail which also includes my usual warm ups. Some of these workouts have been blogged previously which also had videos.