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After 4 months, Patchi went to her sister’s new home

Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on July 23, 2011

In conjunction with last night’s blog, my other beloved dog, Patchi, went to her sister’s paradise. I don’t really know what got to her but I’m happy God granted my sincerest prayer: To take her to a far place where pain is nonexistent.

It all happened so fast. My brother woke me up, screaming, telling me how Patchi seemed to be shaking while on the ground, staring into nothing. I jumped up from my bed and went to her immediately. I saw her and she was just there; doing nothing, breathing pretty hard. I checked her eyes and they almost seemed like they didn’t see me. This exact same scenario happened to Potchi except her pain was prolonged since she had a different disease. Patchi seemed to know how to take the pain for she wasn’t yelping at all. Or maybe she lost the ability to yelp, together with the ability to bark. I don’t know.


Potchi’s little sister is very ill

Posted in health, health defects, life by Fated Blue on July 22, 2011

It’s been almost exactly 4 months since my beloved Potchi went to her paradise. Patchi experienced loneliness after 1 month but went back to her normal self afterwards. I’m not sure what initiated her illness but it happened a few days before the house got finished being upgraded.

Since June 6, we’ve had 5-6 house builders working our home for improvements up until July 19 2011. Between starting and ending the project, Patchi would be in and out of the house and often inhale dust due to construction work. You see, she never really gets out too much. So when she does have a chance to run around, she freaking runs around like mad.


I got Potchi out and she seems relaxed

Posted in health, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on March 20, 2011

The family finally decided to let her be with us on her final days. I got her back this afternoon from the vet. The results of her blood exam was really bad. Everything was either too high or too low. She’s also suffering from heart worms, liver failure, and kidney failure. Not to mention the 1 year old mammary tumor she has. I felt so helpless upon realizing how sick she is. I asked the vet how long she has and he told me he can’t exactly pinpoint but he said it’ll be this week. I wished Potchi would live to at least see my brother graduate from high school. But that would be too selfish on my part. I told the vet that if she ever pulls through until Saturday, I’ll be putting her to sleep.


I cried in front of the vet today.

Posted in health, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on March 19, 2011

I took Potchi to the vet for the first time because of her sudden illness that’s been eating her since Thursday morning, March 17 2011. But as with all diseases, nothing is really “sudden”; it just took it’s time becoming deadly.

I first attempted to walk her to the vet, despite her lethargic state, only to find out that she was simply intolerant of any form of exercise; even walking was too hard for her. Seeing a few blocks made her want to stop and go back home (which is very unusual because she is usually very eager to get out of the house and run around the block like some mad dog), I rented a tricycle driver to take us to the village vet. I went and borrowed money from my brother before we left. P 2050.00 to be exact.


One of my dogs may say goodbye to us before this month ends.

Posted in health, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on March 19, 2011

Remember this post? This was from a year ago. She was able to cope with her tumor and I’m happy it wasn’t something that could get worse. Her problem right now may be her kidneys. I haven’t taken her to the vet yet and I will. I promise. I don’t know how but I will.


I need help for my dog. Mammary tumor, very large.

Posted in health, health defects, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on April 13, 2010

I need help. I’m currently crying as I type this.

My dog is at least 11 years old and we’ve had her in the family since she was born. She has this really big (palm size, 5×5) mammary tumor and I fear that it’s causing her pain. It’s really big and really firm. Like a pandesal but very hard. It began sagging last week. Months before her tumor went large (barely an inch thick), I took her to the vet and the vet told me a surgery could be done but it may end up killing her in the process due to her age.

Since then, my dog was still very active as if she’s not sick at all. But this morning, after my morning jogs, I came home and she wasn’t there to meet me at the gates like she usually does. I searched for her and found her sitting near our garden, she was obviously trying to stand up for me. I made her lie down and I immediately checked on her tumor and it was swelling very badly.