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Hello Reimei!

Posted in Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on March 29, 2009

Let me just promote my friend’s website named hello ♥ reimei. Its still quite new, but knowing my friend China, its bound to gain lots of attention and clicks in a matter of months. She’s an expert photographer (I like to say so myself, based on previous works I myself gained interests in). She describes herself as:

the girl with the camera eye

Hello hello, my name is Chai!

My real name is China, I’m nineteen years old, seven at heart.
I reside in a small room which is full of all sorts of odds and ends.
I sometimes get too caught up in my thoughts that I forget what I’m doing.
I dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer and have my own Wobbuffet someday.
I have had the biggest crush on Jason Mraz ever since I was in second year high.
I’ve shaped my own little world to my liking, with the help of Dr. Seuss, Neil Gaiman, and Tim Burton.
Everything I know about photography and editing, I learned through the internet.
I like all things beautiful, and also, beautiful people.
I like music and colors and art.
I like love.

My partners: Reimei (a Canon EOS 400D), lots of coffee, and a very vivid imagination.
I also have 4 film cameras:
a black Vivitar IC100, a Polaroid OneStep600, an orange Fujifilm Instax Mini 20 and a pretty pink Hello Kitty camera.

That’s all you need to know.

Indeed, her passion for photography is, without a doubt, something to be compared to the experts. I am not exaggerating, she has the potential to be a professional in this line of work. I may sound like I am being biased towards her, but no. I wish I was, but since viewing her works, I cannot just say that her work is just something that is bound to be forgettable. 

Please, take a few minutes off to view her works and other sites:




Flickr – Other

Flickr – People








I hoped to have gained your interest to my very beautiful and artistic friend, China. 🙂