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Go Kaisho “No Kaisho” Definitely Dead, Merges with “Other Event”

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on May 21, 2010

If you have no clue about the drama that went on with this event, read this first (Warning: May seriously annoy you)

Okay so I was browsing the Go Kaisho’s website (Which got hacked, obviously. Check the banner below.) to see if there were any updates and, unsurprisingly, there wasn’t any nor was there an indication that any of the organizers are still using the said website. What is my premise to conclude this? Well the number of bashful spam and comments are too much that it may have been out of neglect and probably shame that the organizers just chose to let the haters and supporters create their own word war.

Well anyway, I found this which simply tells us that the official Go Kaisho event is dead and will be merged with other events. The person who owns the comment stated the following:


Guys officially the GO KAISHO EVENT IS CANCELLED. We will be updating the site for the refunds and the our official statement. The Good news is that we’ve merged the event of the PUP Otaku Community and the OVA. Originally, An event was supposed to be schedule on September but due to recent events we are pushing the event to august. We’ve already met the exhibitors together with Jomar “Monta” Custodio and we have finalized a set-up to patch things up.

The Event will be entitled Otaku Volunteer Alliance Convention…………or OVACon. This will be organized by the 8 organizations of OVA. You might be surprised by our event partners after all that has happened to Go Kaisho. It will definitely an event like no other. As per request of the exhibitors, the event will be held on late August 2010. Before We post a schedule we will assure that the venue is finalized.

OVAcon will be an event designed by the whole community. You will decide what events will take place. You will have the power to even name the activities.

We are open to volunteer for the August event. A min-convention and General Assembly will be held on the 3rd week of June. We’ll be posting the new website and link for those interested individuals.


Otaku Volunteer Alliance

Now that sure took me by surprise. I thought the leader would make sure the event would push through based on his excuse letter. But I guess he chewed far more than he could swallow in the end. I bet you guys he got traumatized with everything that has happened to him within this month alone. I don’t feel any remorse though. Sucks for him but I guess we all have to know our limits and he found his the VERY HARD way.

In any case, this OVACon sure is taking a big risk at letting people decide for them. I just hope it won’t fail to give what the people want. Well at least it’s better than trying to give what you can’t. Right Jomar Custodio?

UPDATE: As of May 21 9:26 PM, the banner of Go Kaisho vandalized. Also, notice the fail (supposed to be) Twitter and RSS icons on the upper right bar (below the black lines).


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  1. NONAME~ said, on May 22, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    pls. notify me if there are any new things that will happen here… I’m REALLY looking forward to this event, since go kaisho failed…

  2. someone who knows said, on July 3, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    all people who have go kaisho tickets plz send us ur name number of tickets and number so we can contact you from tnx any way if you want to see a pic of monta i have one send me a message hehehhe

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