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Book Review: Si by Bob Ong

Posted in Uncategorized by Fated Blue on June 7, 2015

I purchased this book simply because it was a Bob Ong book. I’ve read all his works and I’ve done one review for his previous book.

I have so little to say because the book was simple enough to be easily understood. This book, in its purest form, was all about meeting one’s destiny. It also highlighted a few historical events in the country but in the end it was all about the power of love and how it can always make the most heartfelt of wishes come true.

At first I thought it was weird on how it was to be read but a few pages later I realized its significance. It’s probably one of those books you can read from end to start. Literally.

What I liked about it is how it remained focus on the two lovers and how the author presented a lot of obstacles along the way most of which would drive even the most mature of relationships to rubble. The book also highlighted a few instances on what could’ve happened to the two lovers by using other characters to portray the situation for them i.e. a friend of the narrator didn’t get the love of his life despite having better odds.

What I didn’t like…well I don’t have much not to like. The book is pretty straightforward and it’s not so complex that it would be subject to all sorts of criticisms.

Overall rating:


This is a good book but not something to get excited about. I still find his “Hudas” to be the best.

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